My Skullcap Fixation: Tragic or Visionary?

The title of this post is clickbait in that I am pretty sure my skullcap fixation is visionary and if you think it’s tragic, that’s your damage. But I am no more a portion of god than any of you skullcap haters out there, so I manufactured some humble ambiguity. Note: Some of this writingContinue reading “My Skullcap Fixation: Tragic or Visionary?”

Jewish Drip, or “Yenta-Core”

This post will not be a heavily-researched, historically poignant account of the Jewish history of fashion and design. This is a *fashion blog* and we keep things SHALLOW here, dudes! And we use a truly ungodly amount of parentheticals as you will soon see! I am an Ashkenazi Jew (of Eastern European, for me specificallyContinue reading “Jewish Drip, or “Yenta-Core””