On “Ugly” Clothing Redux, With Recs

In my last post about “ugly” clothing, I explained the difference in my mind between clothes that are ugly in such a way as to emphasize normative beauty versus clothes that radiate an aura of abject vitality and can be worn by anyone to transcendent effect. I gave the following list of adjectives that seemContinue reading “On “Ugly” Clothing Redux, With Recs”

On “Ugly” Clothing

In the 1995 “crime film” Hackers, one cast member stands out from the goofy-looking ensemble of unabashed computer nerds. Angelina Jolie was about 20 years old and her hair was cut into an elven pixie, choppy fringe on her forehead and long, triangle sideburns. In one scene, she wore an iridescent teal rashguard by Quicksilver, logoContinue reading “On “Ugly” Clothing”