Playing Dress Up and Down: One Dress, Five Fits

For the first six months or so of being out as non-binary, I did not wear dresses or skirts. My body is still very “feminine” in presentation (I cut my hair initially but then became obsessed with the idea of growing it out in the very specific, tonsure-esque cut it’s in now) and I’m notContinue reading “Playing Dress Up and Down: One Dress, Five Fits”

How to Wear the “Unwearable” T-Shirts Rotting in Your Closet

I am a T-Shirt fiend. I am compelled at bands’ merch tables, vintage stores, manga shops, beachside souvenir shacks–it’s a problem, especially because the typical basic or merch-y tee seemingly has NO styling potential. If you Google “how to wear a graphic tee” you will be barraged with articles suggesting you “pair it with pants”Continue reading “How to Wear the “Unwearable” T-Shirts Rotting in Your Closet”

Small Suitcase Style Stretch

This week, I’ve been in California visiting my family before I ship off to Argentina for a year, and all I could afford to bring on the plane (on the way back, I’m taking one of my mom’s suitcases I’ll be borrowing for the year, and couldn’t pay for 2 checked bags) to carry aContinue reading “Small Suitcase Style Stretch”