My Style Heroes: Round Björk

I’ve been going through another Björk phase lately after 7 years astray. This time around, I’ve been paying more attention to her biggest misses (can we please collectively pretend Volta and the line about the “suicide bomber made to look pregnant” was a fever dream?) but have been ever more impressed by her biggest hitsContinue reading “My Style Heroes: Round Björk”

My Style Heroes: Round 3

Today, I’m writing to you (especially my biggest fan, my grandma) about my latest style hero and career inspiration, Chloë Felopulos! She is a working stylist, and when I saw this post of hers on my explore page, I was immediately taken aback. Looking through the rest of her page, my heart swelled with admirationContinue reading “My Style Heroes: Round 3”

My Style Heroes: Round 1

It’s about timed I paid tribute to some of the fashion brains I often pick for inspiration, motivation, and recommendations for garments I suddenly direly need when I see them brilliantly contextualized by a sartorial wiz. Today, I’m looking at the styles of Sara Hiromi, Mordechai Rubinstein, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, and FKA Twigs, some ofContinue reading “My Style Heroes: Round 1”