Designer Off Duty #2: Anamaria Morris

If you have an Instagram account, you’ve almost certainly seen the work of Anamaria Morris, an artist/sculptor/visionary who creates pieces in polymer clay that have been written up in Architectural Digest, sold at Sandy Liang’s storefront, and lauded across every corner of home decor social media niches. Anamaria’s work first blew up through Instagram’s appreciationContinue reading “Designer Off Duty #2: Anamaria Morris”

Designer Off Duty #1: Ella Emhoff

Hi! I’m starting a new series (the mantra of this blog lol) that features clothing designers/creators but focuses on what they wear in their day-to-days while we’re all busy wearing their handiwork. A peek-behind-the-curtain vibe: what inspires and excites those who inspire and excite us? One of our starters (sports anime has rotted my brainContinue reading “Designer Off Duty #1: Ella Emhoff”