How to Dress Like a Wong Kar-wai Character, V2

In the past year plus that this blog has lived at this URL in this iteration, its most viewed post by far has been one of its first: How to Dress Like a Wong Kar-wai Character. To capitalize off the apparent popularity of that post expand upon what was then a half-baked idea of whatContinue reading “How to Dress Like a Wong Kar-wai Character, V2”

My Style Heroes: Round 3

Today, I’m writing to you (especially my biggest fan, my grandma) about my latest style hero and career inspiration, ChloĆ« Felopulos! She is a working stylist, and when I saw this post of hers on my explore page, I was immediately taken aback. Looking through the rest of her page, my heart swelled with admirationContinue reading “My Style Heroes: Round 3”