My Skullcap Fixation: Tragic or Visionary?

The title of this post is clickbait in that I am pretty sure my skullcap fixation is visionary and if you think it’s tragic, that’s your damage. But I am no more a portion of god than any of you skullcap haters out there, so I manufactured some humble ambiguity. Note: Some of this writingContinue reading “My Skullcap Fixation: Tragic or Visionary?”

Designer Off Duty #2: Anamaria Morris

If you have an Instagram account, you’ve almost certainly seen the work of Anamaria Morris, an artist/sculptor/visionary who creates pieces in polymer clay that have been written up in Architectural Digest, sold at Sandy Liang’s storefront, and lauded across every corner of home decor social media niches. Anamaria’s work first blew up through Instagram’s appreciationContinue reading “Designer Off Duty #2: Anamaria Morris”

Manic Midnight Sock/Tight Mayhem

I made most of this post last night, jet-lagged in a fugue state, but fell asleep before posting. Enjoy! I can’t sleep and can’t stop fixating on socks and tights. Here is a selection of the most compelling, in no particular order, though divided into $20 and under per pair (reasonable enough, though potentially aContinue reading “Manic Midnight Sock/Tight Mayhem”

Cheap, Easy Ways to Change Your Life (NOT CLICKBAIT)

I have a big post in the works, have for a few weeks, but in the meantime, I wanted to share these CHEAP EASY WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH ACCESSORIES NOT CLICKBAIT. Ok your life might not change but these are genuinely cheap (i.e. under 5 bucks, I got most of mine at theContinue reading “Cheap, Easy Ways to Change Your Life (NOT CLICKBAIT)”

Accessories Under $100

Ok most of HR’s posts are list-heavy, but in honor of unhinged consumer szn we are going FULL LISTICLE today with 25ish suggestions for accessories under $100 as requested by Sophie Carlick on the @humanrepeller Instagram (if you follow, you too are eligible to dictate the terms of a future post! If I think youContinue reading “Accessories Under $100”