Jewish Drip, or “Yenta-Core”

This post will not be a heavily-researched, historically poignant account of the Jewish history of fashion and design. This is a *fashion blog* and we keep things SHALLOW here, dudes! And we use a truly ungodly amount of parentheticals as you will soon see! I am an Ashkenazi Jew (of Eastern European, for me specificallyContinue reading “Jewish Drip, or “Yenta-Core””

What to Wear on a First Date

I’ll spare you the details of my protracted, Piscean search for “true love” that has taken me through several relationships, heartbreaks, and MANY first dates both abject and awesome. Unless (as happened this week) my first date happens spontaneously and unexpectedly and I don’t have time to change out of the chafing pseudo-work duds IContinue reading “What to Wear on a First Date”

Utility as Virtue: On Clothes That Do Something

I was ten years old when The Mysterious Benedict Society was released and the one thing that sticks with me to this day (besides the titular character having an unbelievably inconvenient, plot-wise, case of narcolepsy) is the fact that one of the protagonists, an overwhelmingly strong twelve-year-old named Kate, carries around a singular accessory: aContinue reading “Utility as Virtue: On Clothes That Do Something”

On “Ugly” Clothing Redux, With Recs

In my last post about “ugly” clothing, I explained the difference in my mind between clothes that are ugly in such a way as to emphasize normative beauty versus clothes that radiate an aura of abject vitality and can be worn by anyone to transcendent effect. I gave the following list of adjectives that seemContinue reading “On “Ugly” Clothing Redux, With Recs”

How to Dress Like a Jujutsu Kaisen Character

Jujutsu Kaisen is my favorite franchise, bar none. If you haven’t watched/read it, please do. I have recommended it to dozens of people and of the many who have consumed either the anime or the manga I have only gotten glowing feedback. The character depth, lore that is dazzlingly full of depth but never unwieldy,Continue reading “How to Dress Like a Jujutsu Kaisen Character”

How to Dress Like a Wong Kar-wai Character

Big note up front: I am a white person and am not an authority on what is or is not racist against AAPI folks. That being said, this is a guide that avoids cultural appropriation to the best of my ability and focuses on the general aesthetic proclivities and fire stylings in the movies ofContinue reading “How to Dress Like a Wong Kar-wai Character”

On “Ugly” Clothing

In the 1995 “crime film” Hackers, one cast member stands out from the goofy-looking ensemble of unabashed computer nerds. Angelina Jolie was about 20 years old and her hair was cut into an elven pixie, choppy fringe on her forehead and long, triangle sideburns. In one scene, she wore an iridescent teal rashguard by Quicksilver, logoContinue reading “On “Ugly” Clothing”