Step Up Your Sports Game Sporting Game

Up until a few years ago, I loathed sports, mostly on the basis of what I still believe is a valid fury that athletes (like actors and influencers) get paid egregious sums of money to entertain while people whose jobs are just as essential but not as public (ahem, style bloggers) (kidding I mean teachersContinue reading “Step Up Your Sports Game Sporting Game”

This One’s For The “~Boys**~”

Ahoy! Goddamn it, Greta G*rwig really ruined that greeting for all of us, huh? Well, I typed it before I realized its decade-old connotation (yep, it’s been That long) so I’m sticking with it because for me, writing these posts is like hopping on a roller coaster with a loop-de-loop… Once you’re on, there quicklyContinue reading “This One’s For The “~Boys**~””

Weddings: Chaos Agent Style

We are well into wedding season, I guess! Weddings are so weird but I am a huge fan of their awkwardly saccharine, potentially hilarious, always ripe for sartorial drama nature. I’m keeping the written components of this post brief, as I want to get it out to you ASAP so you can take inspiration fromContinue reading “Weddings: Chaos Agent Style”

HR’s Got You: Pretentious Tornado Shelters, Wine Dads, and Broken ACs

More requests from HR readers via @humanrepeller! Hit HR’s line before requests get paywalled as I am now officially unemployed (If you get me a remote job, I will style you for the rest of your goddamn life ❤ )! Today, we are talking airport abjection, Beer Moms and Wine Dads, and the sludge ofContinue reading “HR’s Got You: Pretentious Tornado Shelters, Wine Dads, and Broken ACs”

HR’s Got You: Jewish Summer Camp, Swamp Witches, and Partners’ Partners

Note: Your illustrious host got in a huge fight with their boss after their boss did something inexcusably wrong and then was incredibly disrespectful and transphobic about it instead of apologizing genuinely, so they (I) are (am) out of a job sooner than expected. I’m looking for a remote job in management, personal assistance, fashionContinue reading “HR’s Got You: Jewish Summer Camp, Swamp Witches, and Partners’ Partners”

Cheap, Easy Ways to Change Your Life (NOT CLICKBAIT)

I have a big post in the works, have for a few weeks, but in the meantime, I wanted to share these CHEAP EASY WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH ACCESSORIES NOT CLICKBAIT. Ok your life might not change but these are genuinely cheap (i.e. under 5 bucks, I got most of mine at theContinue reading “Cheap, Easy Ways to Change Your Life (NOT CLICKBAIT)”

Back to “Basics”

Today, I humbly offer you some outfits based on film characters’ looks that I think are straightforward, simple in conceit, and iconic. The Before trilogy’s Celine with her inimitably insouciant slip dress – T shirt combo, Cay from Desert Hearts in a monochrome, fringy fit punctuated by a belt as the only accessory, Candela ofContinue reading “Back to “Basics””