How to Dress Like a Character from Happy Together

This post is dedicated to my friend Max, who insisted upon me watching Wong Kar-Wai’s Happy Together even though I resisted for months because I knew it would make me feel very, very sad. We finally watched it and now I am sick and sad because I probably will be spending the holiday season mostlyContinue reading “How to Dress Like a Character from Happy Together”

My Style Heroes: Round 1

It’s about timed I paid tribute to some of the fashion brains I often pick for inspiration, motivation, and recommendations for garments I suddenly direly need when I see them brilliantly contextualized by a sartorial wiz. Today, I’m looking at the styles of Sara Hiromi, Mordechai Rubinstein, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, and FKA Twigs, some ofContinue reading “My Style Heroes: Round 1”

Outfits for Momentous Occasions

There is often talk about how to dress for a *special occasion,* with the connotation that that occasion is necessarily exciting or fun, a party, a wedding, etc. Here are some outfits for momentous but maybe also a little abject occasions such as Getting Fired, Picking Up Plan B, and Going to See a FriendContinue reading “Outfits for Momentous Occasions”

Never Let Me Down

I love writing about extravagant fits, dressing perversely, and $450 tulle-sleeved leotards, but my financial reality and the fact that I typically wake up at 7 AM, bleary and filled with unspeakable weltschmerz, means that my day-to-day outfits are usually underwhelming, if not downright flimsy. I pull on pants that won’t chafe my crotch whileContinue reading “Never Let Me Down”

Holiday Fits From the Unlikeliest of Places

I’m just going to come out and say it bluntly: today I’m recommending you glean inspiration for your holiday looks from the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky. I can’t think of… anything more incongruous than that mildly heinous old man (I am not a Jodorowsky apologist, separating art from artist etc.) and the dulcet tones ofContinue reading “Holiday Fits From the Unlikeliest of Places”

Accessories Under $100

Ok most of HR’s posts are list-heavy, but in honor of unhinged consumer szn we are going FULL LISTICLE today with 25ish suggestions for accessories under $100 as requested by Sophie Carlick on the @humanrepeller Instagram (if you follow, you too are eligible to dictate the terms of a future post! If I think youContinue reading “Accessories Under $100”

Outfit Antagonism

Don’t you ever just want to pull a reverse Helen of Troy and start a world-bending cataclysm, not with your loveliness, but with sheer sartorial antagonism? I know I do, or I at least want to piss off the person I’m dating viciously or maybe a Concerned Mother-type in Trader Joe’s. This is where antagonisticContinue reading “Outfit Antagonism”

Jewish Drip, or “Yenta-Core”

This post will not be a heavily-researched, historically poignant account of the Jewish history of fashion and design. This is a *fashion blog* and we keep things SHALLOW here, dudes! And we use a truly ungodly amount of parentheticals as you will soon see! I am an Ashkenazi Jew (of Eastern European, for me specificallyContinue reading “Jewish Drip, or “Yenta-Core””

What to Wear on a First Date

I’ll spare you the details of my protracted, Piscean search for “true love” that has taken me through several relationships, heartbreaks, and MANY first dates both abject and awesome. Unless (as happened this week) my first date happens spontaneously and unexpectedly and I don’t have time to change out of the chafing pseudo-work duds IContinue reading “What to Wear on a First Date”

Utility as Virtue: On Clothes That Do Something

I was ten years old when The Mysterious Benedict Society was released and the one thing that sticks with me to this day (besides the titular character having an unbelievably inconvenient, plot-wise, case of narcolepsy) is the fact that one of the protagonists, an overwhelmingly strong twelve-year-old named Kate, carries around a singular accessory: aContinue reading “Utility as Virtue: On Clothes That Do Something”