Fall Film Fashion Follies #2: Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970) is an incredible film for late summer/early fall fashion guidance, because 80% of the film entails characters traipsing around in virginal, summery dresses and the other 20% involves accessorizing with autumnal shawls and capes. I might not be selling this very well as a film with, like, aContinue reading “Fall Film Fashion Follies #2: Valerie and Her Week of Wonders”

Fall Film Fashion Follies #1: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Hairspray

I made the below collage without really knowing what it meant. All I knew was that this was the “vibe I was feeling” for late summer/early fall 2022. The mood coagulated naturally around 4 films I love: The Color of Pomegranates, John Waters’ Hairspray, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.Continue reading “Fall Film Fashion Follies #1: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Hairspray”

Playing Dress Up and Down: One Dress, Five Fits

For the first six months or so of being out as non-binary, I did not wear dresses or skirts. My body is still very “feminine” in presentation (I cut my hair initially but then became obsessed with the idea of growing it out in the very specific, tonsure-esque cut it’s in now) and I’m notContinue reading “Playing Dress Up and Down: One Dress, Five Fits”

How to Wear the “Unwearable” T-Shirts Rotting in Your Closet

I am a T-Shirt fiend. I am compelled at bands’ merch tables, vintage stores, manga shops, beachside souvenir shacks–it’s a problem, especially because the typical basic or merch-y tee seemingly has NO styling potential. If you Google “how to wear a graphic tee” you will be barraged with articles suggesting you “pair it with pants”Continue reading “How to Wear the “Unwearable” T-Shirts Rotting in Your Closet”

On Living and Dying in Clothing: A Studio Visit With Wenjüe Lu

Today’s post is a little different than usual! It’s a long essay/review of a visit to Wenjüe Lu’s studio and their past few years of work I got to play with at their generous invitation (I was not paid for this review). Scroll to the end for many photos! Check WL out, sign up forContinue reading “On Living and Dying in Clothing: A Studio Visit With Wenjüe Lu”

Depop Deals vs Deals With the Devil

Like many other clothes-obsessed, half-braindead, debt-riddled NEETS incapable of coming to terms with their own mortality, I spend quite a bit of time scrolling resale sites and apps, most notably Depop. I have found that there are two sides to this app: one innocent, amiable, a friend trying to get you a great deal onContinue reading “Depop Deals vs Deals With the Devil”

Designer Off Duty #1: Ella Emhoff

Hi! I’m starting a new series (the mantra of this blog lol) that features clothing designers/creators but focuses on what they wear in their day-to-days while we’re all busy wearing their handiwork. A peek-behind-the-curtain vibe: what inspires and excites those who inspire and excite us? One of our starters (sports anime has rotted my brainContinue reading “Designer Off Duty #1: Ella Emhoff”

Small Suitcase Style Stretch

This week, I’ve been in California visiting my family before I ship off to Argentina for a year, and all I could afford to bring on the plane (on the way back, I’m taking one of my mom’s suitcases I’ll be borrowing for the year, and couldn’t pay for 2 checked bags) to carry aContinue reading “Small Suitcase Style Stretch”

Manic Midnight Sock/Tight Mayhem

I made most of this post last night, jet-lagged in a fugue state, but fell asleep before posting. Enjoy! I can’t sleep and can’t stop fixating on socks and tights. Here is a selection of the most compelling, in no particular order, though divided into $20 and under per pair (reasonable enough, though potentially aContinue reading “Manic Midnight Sock/Tight Mayhem”

My Style Heroes: Round 3

Today, I’m writing to you (especially my biggest fan, my grandma) about my latest style hero and career inspiration, Chloë Felopulos! She is a working stylist, and when I saw this post of hers on my explore page, I was immediately taken aback. Looking through the rest of her page, my heart swelled with admirationContinue reading “My Style Heroes: Round 3”