How to Dress Like Kim Kitsuragi

I wrote this post months ago, in the thick of my first wave of Disco Elysium hyperfixation (if you haven’t played it yet… imagine me saying the most compelling thing possible to you, personally, to get you to play it. You will not regret it). I originally intended to dissect the outfits of a fewContinue reading “How to Dress Like Kim Kitsuragi”

Repeller, Repulsed

Sometimes, negativity can be generative. Reacting to a garment with repulsion or skepticism can tell someone a lot about their aesthetic values and how they are situated in relation to the fashion zeitgeist, suggesting ways forward from wherever we are now. The following are a selection of recent/current trends that evoke a Nope response inContinue reading “Repeller, Repulsed”

Heartbreak Hell

You ever been heartbroken? Hah, me neither. Lol I’m a Pisces, I factor heartbreak into my biannual schedule. Anyway Short little dispatch from Heartbreak Hotel today. Here are some clothes to wear to conceal, reveal, and deeply *feel* your poor little aortas’ pain. Maybe you’ll even catch the eye of a potential new heartbreaker inContinue reading “Heartbreak Hell”

I Yam What I Wear

I have been in a Robert Altman phase recently, and last week finally watched Popeye (1980). I’m always thrilled to see Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall in virtually any capacity, but what immediately captivated me about the film were the costumes, which from minute one lent themselves to dream outfit-building. From the black rubber (?)Continue reading “I Yam What I Wear”

It’s Time For Dramatics

Last weekend my friend Max was lovely enough to get tickets to La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera. For those of you who are not yet Cher-pilled enough to understand the significance of this, it’s the same show and location to which Nicolas Cage brings her as the ultimate act of seduction in one ofContinue reading “It’s Time For Dramatics”

What Is Your 2022 Style M.O.?

Here I present you with a false tetrachotomy (is that word kosher??) of potential values that could guide your style endeavors in the upcoming year. Do you want to embody Audacity, or manifest Romance, bring some much-needed Levity to your physical presence in the world, or swaddle yourself in Comfort-inducing garments? It’s helpful, in congealingContinue reading “What Is Your 2022 Style M.O.?”

Sartorial Neuroses: on “Purity” and “Stolen Valor”

The lovely Marenna Boutilier on Instagram requested I write about “panic over impurity” when it comes to clothing. I recently wrote a post for Thinking Autism about how to dress in such a way that minimizes potential triggers of hypersensitivity or anxiety, two facets of autism that I regularly experience if what I’m wearing isContinue reading “Sartorial Neuroses: on “Purity” and “Stolen Valor””