Stressed, Depressed (literally), But Well Dressed (figuratively)

Depression and fashion do not tend to go hand in hand. Remember this Br*ndy M*lville banger? The disproportionate outrage this tee fueled in me when I was a freshly diagnosed teen has been usurped by the resigned knowledge that if I ever see the original shirt in a thrift store, I am clinically obligated toContinue reading “Stressed, Depressed (literally), But Well Dressed (figuratively)”

My Style Heroes: Round Björk

I’ve been going through another Björk phase lately after 7 years astray. This time around, I’ve been paying more attention to her biggest misses (can we please collectively pretend Volta and the line about the “suicide bomber made to look pregnant” was a fever dream?) but have been ever more impressed by her biggest hitsContinue reading “My Style Heroes: Round Björk”

Looking Like a Yankee: Buenos Aires Style 1/?

This is the first of any posts I choose to make about my impressions of Buenos Aires’ (more accurately, CABA‘s) style scene as someone who lived in New York City for seven years prior to moving here three weeks ago. My perspective is relatively uninformed (I barely speak Spanish [yet]), novice, and is based mostlyContinue reading “Looking Like a Yankee: Buenos Aires Style 1/?”

My Skullcap Fixation: Tragic or Visionary?

The title of this post is clickbait in that I am pretty sure my skullcap fixation is visionary and if you think it’s tragic, that’s your damage. But I am no more a portion of god than any of you skullcap haters out there, so I manufactured some humble ambiguity. Note: Some of this writingContinue reading “My Skullcap Fixation: Tragic or Visionary?”

Fall Outfit Concept: Steal From Children

Hi! Most kids dress better than I do, including Child Me! Today, I’m sharing some concepts to fall back on this fall (or spring, if you’re in the same hemisphere as I am at the moment), inspired by kids’ fits (mostly mine) (I feel weird about sharing pics of children on my blog but IContinue reading “Fall Outfit Concept: Steal From Children”

How To Dress Like a Studio Ghibli Character: Whisper of the Heart and Only Yesterday Edition

If last week we corrupted Studio Ghibli films into potential Indie Sleaze looks, this week is more in the Twee camp of Tumblr 2010-style looks. However, in classic Ghibli fashion, the fits are simple and practical enough (with engaging color play and special finishing touches) that you won’t get Z**ey D*schanel flashbacks while trying theseContinue reading “How To Dress Like a Studio Ghibli Character: Whisper of the Heart and Only Yesterday Edition”

How To Dress Like a Studio Ghibli Character: Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke Edition

Today, with a sickening crunch, my brain excreted the idea that Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle and San from Princess Mononoke could both be inspiration for Indie Sleaze looks. These magical films have meant the world to me my entire life. As a high schooler, I’d listen to Joe Hisaishi’s soundtracks for the films onContinue reading “How To Dress Like a Studio Ghibli Character: Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke Edition”

Designer Off Duty #2: Anamaria Morris

If you have an Instagram account, you’ve almost certainly seen the work of Anamaria Morris, an artist/sculptor/visionary who creates pieces in polymer clay that have been written up in Architectural Digest, sold at Sandy Liang’s storefront, and lauded across every corner of home decor social media niches. Anamaria’s work first blew up through Instagram’s appreciationContinue reading “Designer Off Duty #2: Anamaria Morris”