My Style Heroes: Sara Camposarcone

Helloooooo! Today, I have an extra-special post for you, featuring Sara Camposarcone, “sustainable maximalist” powerhouse who you have probably seen plastered across TikTok, just hit 100k followers on Instagram, has been written up in publications I am not even legally allowed to type the NAMES of here, that’s how big of a deal they are…Continue reading “My Style Heroes: Sara Camposarcone”

Under-$100 SSENSE Sale Grab Bag Bonanza

This is exactly what it says on the tin. An edit of 50 items in the SSENSE public sale you can grab for under $100 as of today, 11/27, if you are also in hundreds of thousands of debt to the government and Biden kicking the repayment can to 2023 also made your giddily nihilisticContinue reading “Under-$100 SSENSE Sale Grab Bag Bonanza”

The Best Things in Life Are on Sale Now

Heeeeellllo! For a much more professional-grade and editorially sound BFCM (that’s Black Friday through Cyber Monday, an acronym I will only admit here that I did not know until about 2 weeks ago) round-up of sales, mosey on over to Magasin, which I write for but where I am reined in by a brilliant Editor-in-Chief,Continue reading “The Best Things in Life Are on Sale Now”

How to Dress Like a Wong Kar-wai Character, V2

In the past year plus that this blog has lived at this URL in this iteration, its most viewed post by far has been one of its first: How to Dress Like a Wong Kar-wai Character. To capitalize off the apparent popularity of that post expand upon what was then a half-baked idea of whatContinue reading “How to Dress Like a Wong Kar-wai Character, V2”

How to Dress Inspired by FRUiTS Magazine

I’m feeling very terse today (not in a bad way, just thinking in objects that are not words), so I will mostly be writing in bullet points about how to take inspiration from the seminal 1997-2017 (RIP) Japanese style magazine, FRUiTS. Read till the end for some concepts for outfits featuring clothes that are (asContinue reading “How to Dress Inspired by FRUiTS Magazine”

Badly Bilingual Gift Guide

Today, I’m writing one of the soon-to-be-abundant gift guides for 2022’s holiday season. I’m not going to try to advise on what to get a live-in partner or a relative you talk to every day or your best friend since childhood because I believe that those relationships warrant case-by-case consideration and the appropriate gifts forContinue reading “Badly Bilingual Gift Guide”

Manifesting the Perfect Sale Season

Hello! Firstly, if you haven’t already heard the news, you can now find my sartorial babble not only here and on the HR Patreon, but also over at Magasin, where I’m working as editorial assistant and junior writer for the talented and unimpeachably stylish Laura Reilly. I have been espousing the greatness of Magasin forContinue reading “Manifesting the Perfect Sale Season”

Looking Like a Yankee: Circus Grandpas, Living Sculpture, and Magical Realism in Buenos Aires Style

As a 13 year old boy whose text is about to be way overanalyzed by the girl he has a crush on even though he hasn’t had any sexual or romantic feelings yet and basically only thinks about FIFA and in his mind is just texting a random person while he waits to go homeContinue reading “Looking Like a Yankee: Circus Grandpas, Living Sculpture, and Magical Realism in Buenos Aires Style”