Hate the Player, Love the Fit Game: John Lennon

Hello, I hate John Lennon! If you don’t yet, this episode of the excellent podcast You’re Wrong About on Yoko Ono does a good job of covering the quick and dirty facts if you don’t want to glorify his name by typing it into Google. He was abusive, a negligent father, racist, homophobic, and extremely full of himself! But GODDAMN if the man couldn’t pull a fit. He was also a good musician. But if I saw him on the street, I’d still punch him in the mustache (and run away with his cool shearling jacket).

This is the first of a few posts about people/characters I detest but whose styles I am inspired by. The rest will be released on Patreon, which costs $2 for 2+ bonus posts per month. I will be releasing more of my own outfits inspired by these hated figures (hint for one: I’m in trouble because I don’t own Louboutins) in the next few days, so head over there and sign up for more moral-sartorial compromising!

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The fit on the left obviously had to start with a fire engine red blazer and lime green cravat, fastened with a SCARF RING I discovered while researching for Magasin last week, and I thought this Fashion Brand Company set patterned with dippy sayings was very Beatles-core. I broke it up with a SKELT to match the flower pin and finished with some amoebic cowboy boots.


Look two obviously warranted a Penny Lane-style suede sherpa jacket with embroidered flowers (more good picks are here, here, and here, an abstract, non-appropriative bolo tie (harder to find than you may think), paisley silk on top and bottom in cool tones contrasting with the warm jacket (velvet pants would work too, of course) and intricately embroidered boots. I feel like this look scratches the itch to look worldly without pulling an actual Beatle and going full Hare Krishna wannabe cringe, but hey, if you hate it… sorry? I guess?


The left look needed a linen blazer over a Yoko tee (DUH!), and I liked the idea of a denim tie instead of a cravat here, embellished with a vintage orange pin to match the vintage striped sneakers. I love these Gimaguas pants and have recommended them too many times at this point. I want to wear this look right now. Especially the Yoko shirt (I’m a huge fan).


I don’t own any embroidered shearling jackets, paisley silks, velveteen pants, or bolo ties (these are all tragedies), so I tried my best to steal from the more casual looks above. They’re not super exciting, but I would wear them out!


  • Chore Coat – Discontinued in this colorway, via IJJI
  • Tee – Stone Eater’s shirt now out of stock, given to me by my sister!
  • Shorts – $12.500 ARS
  • Slides – $57 (Sale)
  • Tote – Local cafe in BsAs (DM me if you wanna know which!)
  • Piru Jeans – above
  • Boston Slides – $140

Writhe in hell, John Lennon! Thanks for the songs and the fits, though!

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<3 HR

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