The *Official* New Nonbinary Uniform Under $300

In case you are new around here or have recently Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-ed yourself and have no memories of HR, I’m non-binary and use they/them pronouns.

Of course there is no one way to “dress nonbinary” and the title of this post is… a joke! But for me, feeling good about my gender expression entails either finding outfits that are fairly neutral in their gender expression without getting into säd beïge baby territory, or fits that explicitly fuck around with the alleged gender binary in a way infused with levity and, of course, the fun I always want to bring to getting dressed.

Here are a few such fits, all (pretty much) for under $300, to show that getting dressed in a genderqueer way doesn’t need to entail purchasing thousands of dollars of bondage gear or boiler suits. I hope you enjoy, no matter your gender or style m.o.!

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Note: I may make a commission if you purchase items using some of the links below, which costs you nothing and might actually save you a few bucks in some cases, so thanks if you do, and please let me know what you copped!


I loved this Junya Watanabe MAN shirt and thus wanted to Joker-ify it with a two-toned thong from Cuccia, an absolutely explicit Saint Sintra skirt, and some glittery knee socks with studded loafers.


Total: ~$280


You’ll never get run over in the night in this fit! I adored the waist on these MNZ pants and built the outfit around them. This look is made for cool-guy clubbing.


Total: ~$286

Chilled Out

Is this White Lotus vibes? I’ve never seen the show. Welcome back to the straw newsboy cap I’m tragicomically obsessed with and the perfect level of frill on these CDG bloomer-esque pantaloons.


Total: ~$264

One Basket

I cannot get enough of the EGG POUCH. Or you could store eggs in the deep pockets of your UTILITY KILT. The Hurtence hat looked so good, I couldn’t not include it, though it goes a smidge over budget.


Total: ~$229 or ~$312


I love using red and green with a decidedly non-Christmassy attitude. This is the fit a queer kid would wear to the Sandlot if they wouldn’t get assaulted or bullied for being there.


Total: ~$235


A tall glass of refreshing cool tones!


Total: ~$254


This is what both Tony and Maria would wear in my headcanon for a queer version of West Side Story. The cargo shorts are embroidered with butterflies!


Total: ~$295

Thanks for tuning in! Next time: outfits I love from people I hate. Hold on to your ass, John Lennon, because I’m coming for it, in an entirely violent and nonsexual way.

<3 HR

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