Masc On: Last Legs of SSENSE Sale, $150 or Less

By popular demand that’s haunted me since the More Masc Merch Mandate was released, here is another post specifically for the masculinely-inclined among you, no matter what gender you may happen to be! This time, I trawled the dregs of the SSENSE sale, which is not long for this world, if the dwindling sizes and styles are to be taken as signifiers.

All of the below items are under $150 and carefully curated for their value, wearability, and apparent durability, and the ways in which they express masculinity uniquely, transcending the reactionary anti-feminine aesthetic that so dominates “menswear” brands and publications these days. I hope you enjoy browsing and/or buying!

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Note: I may make a commission if you purchase items using some of the links below, which costs you nothing and might actually save you a few bucks in some cases, so thanks if you do, and please let me know what you copped!


AMOMENTO Brown Striped Vest – $103
Andersson Bell SSENSE Exclusive Multicolor Monaco22 Vest – $94
Carhartt Work In Progress Gray Duster Polo – $67
Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Black Asymmetric Tank Top – $62
Chopova Lowena Off-White Graphic T-Shirt – $68
Diesel Orange T-Riby T-Shirt – $74
Dion Lee Red Wool Polo – $138
Dion Lee Black Ruched Tank Top – $109
Dion Lee White Hook Long Sleeve T-Shirt – $101
Eckhaus Latta Brown Lapped Long Sleeve T-Shirt – $110
ERL Red Cotton Shirt – $148
Eytys Off-White Mane Vest – $95
Peter Do White Envelope T-Shirt – $87
SUNNEI Blue & Navy Cotton Polo – $147
SUNNEI Black Printed T-Shirt – $65
LEMAIRE Off-White Cotton Turtleneck – $113


Andersson Bell Green Polyester Shorts – $88
Andersson Bell Blue Extended Jeans – $145
Andersson Bell Blue Dann Denim Shorts – $143
Brain Dead Purple Nylon Shorts – $56
Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Indigo Straight Cut Jeans – $128
Gimaguas Navy Prince Jeans – $79
Gimaguas Brown Piru Shorts – $56
Gimaguas SSENSE Exclusive Multicolor Swim Shorts – $30
Paul Smith Blue Cotton Pyjama Pants – $54
Pleats Please Trousers – $117 (Private Sale)


Eytys Blue Bolt Denim Jacket – $133


Tekla Red & Pink Hooded Bathrobe – $137


Eytys Purple Laguna Low-Top Sneakers – $88
Reebok Classics Brown Mountain Research Edition Beatnik Loafers – $63
Reebok Classics Yellow Beatnik Loafers – $62
Reebok Classics Off-White & Red Workout Plus Sneakers – $56
Salomon Tan Leather Techsonic Advanced Sneakers – $119
SUNNEI Yellow Neoprene Dreamy Low-Top Sneakers – $147
New Balance Taupe 2002RM Mules – $92


Diesel Black & Beige Small Utility Crossbody Pouch – $88
ERL Red Striped Beanie – $99
Eckhaus Latta Green Keyboard Beanie – $60
éliou Gold & Blue Hunter Ring – $89
Eytys Silver & Blue Avery Sunglasses – $110
Eytys Gold Kai Earrings – $52
Gimaguas Transparent Port Lligat Sunglasses – $79
Gimaguas Red Buju Beanie – $44
Paul Smith Three-Pack Multicolor Cable Knit Socks – $52
Yohji Yamamoto Black Key Ring Keychain – $65
Pleats Please Bag – $97 (Private Sale)
LEMAIRE Brown Double Tongue Belt – $142
Marni Blue & Purple Jacquard Logo Socks – $34
Marni Silver ‘Forget Me Not’ Single Earring – $147
Marine Serre Beige Geotic Scarf – $133

Don’t forget to let me know if you’ve found yourself acquiring a piece recommended by HR (from any post past), and please—have a glorious day!

<3 HR

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