HR’s Got You: Curated Casuals, Woodworking Weeaboos, and In-law Intervention

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but here are seven looks based on five of your (my dear readers’) requests for ultra-specific situations to get dressed for: heavily curated insouciance, a pretentious woodworking/studying duality, severity at a start-up party, braving The Bins, and going on a romantic vacation with your partner’s parents in tow. Enjoy!

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Extremely heavily curated first date outfit that you ran by 28 of your closest friends but is meant to look like it was all you had lying around slightly dirty on your bedroom floor

For these looks, I went with my gut. All explicitly comfy, all a little immature, but all composed very carefully to look as nonchalantly cool as possible. MVPs are the Lou Dallas (back from the dead!) sweats, the Norma Kamali sleeping bag coat, and the sashiko jeans I nabbed for myself off Etsy. Ha. You snooze…

Look 1 (Left):

Look 2 (Center):

Look 3 (Right):

Working on timber framing projects and then immediately going home to study Japanese

I envisioned this look as radiating a cozy warmth without actually being bulky. Work pants are well and good for the wood shop, but to go sit cross-legged and study katakana they won’t do, so I used comfy, woven pants and added a tool belt for easily removable utility instead. You should get real safety goggles, but these would work in a pinch, and are real glasses so they’d transition well into study time. I wove in the pretentious, nerdy weeaboo impulse in this request (sorry Morgan) with subtlety that, I think, doesn’t veer into creepy fetishization with the kimono-like ties on the vintage work jacket and the geta-style platforms on the boots.


Looking intimidating and severe at the holiday work function (casual startup culture)

Instead of going sleek and sophisticated, I wanted to take up space with this one, hence the big shirt, and pull focus, hence the sparkles, pearls, and studs. The shoes bring the sharpness—look at those heels.


Digging through used clothes at the bins

The vest has a pocket big enough for phone/keys/wallet, so no bag has to occupy your hands or arms, and unzips easily for top try-ons, the skirt allows for easy bottom try-ons (it zips into 3 segments, so you don’t even have to awkwardly pull it up once you’ve slid the bottoms you’re trying on underneath, just zip off the bottom tiers!), as do the comfy slides, the socks are cheery for the people who are polite to you and the cap is a warning to those who attempt to cross you.


Visiting a romantic destination with your partner… and their parents

The Miyake centerpiece does what he’s best at doing: demure and sensual, simultaneously. The seafoam green is retro and romantic in a vintage postcard way, the shoes have sex appeal while still being kind of cutely old-fashioned, the rose scrunchie brings the red up to the head and reminds your partner that you deserve flowers for going on a trip with their parents, and the chain accessories (especially the incredibly sick earrings that drip into a tiered necklace) provide the edge that reminds your prospective (or actual) in-laws that you’re still a badass even though you’re dressin’ all sweet for their progeny.


That was fun! Feel free to submit more specific situations to the HR Instagram and have a #blessed #notstressed #welldressed day.

<3 HR

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