Anime Fits to Fit Under Your Winter Coat

Hello! To be honest, I spent too long putting together the following grab bag of anime-character-inspired outfits perfect for wearing under a winter coat to want to write much for the intro. It was fun, though! You’ll like this even if you don’t give a crap about anime, promise—I chose these looks for their actual appeal and wearability.

Mina and Jiro from My Hero Academia, Makishima from Yowamushi Pedal, Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter and Fio from Porco Rosso all have fun, dramatic but comfy looks that are perfect base layers for your winter fits, making your ceremonial emergence from the coat cocoon at work or a party all the more delightful without sacrificing your sensory experience.

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Note: I may make a commission if you purchase items using some of the links below, which costs you nothing and might actually save you a few bucks in some cases, so thanks if you do, and please let me know what you copped!

Mina from My Hero Academia

This look started with me knowing C.C. Asensio’s tie-dyed catsuits would be the quintessential Mina base layer… if she were, uh, a real person. A shaggy, shrunken vest was a must, and I liked how the shearling complimented the fuzziness up top and muffled the neon tie-dye. I imagine this looking something like:

Rain Boot – $75

Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter

Ballet flat king! I liked the way the cerulean blue of the shoes and the pop of turquoise on the (chain, of course) earring played off the deeper blue of the vest (could also be a cape or sweatshirt), and I liked the deep, smooth cuffs on the shirt and pants. Imagine:

Vintage Military Trousers – $44
60s Puffer Long Johns – $60
70s Cape – $44
Vest – $247.50 (Sale)
Sweatshirt – $159 (Private Sale)
Ballerinas – €260
Sloop Flats – $120
Nan Earring – $38 (Sale)

Makishima from Yowamushi Pedal

This look makes me go insane every time I watch the show, and it’s literally in one episode. The asymmetrical arms, the perverse stripes, the thick, short gold chain, the pants that I envision as lace-ups… I imagine this look with chunky, comfy off-white shoes. Best paired with long green hair with red highlights, but anything’ll do:

18 Boots – $187 (Sale)
Mary Janes – $261 (Sale)
Chain Necklace – $54.95 (Sale)
Gold Necklace – $196 (Sale)

Jiro from My Hero Academia

Started with colorful headphones, duh, and instantly picked out Moon Boots as quintessentially Jiro. The base layer is shiny, ruched, leathery pants plus an oughts-esque dress-tunic thing, and accessories include hand warmers, a leather jacket, and a collar that looks like you could plug an amp into it:

Vintage Motorcycle Jacket – $150
90s Leather Jacket – $124.53
Fingerless Gloves – $31
Story Warmers – £45.00
Wireless Headphones – $32.99
Black Studded Choker – $220
Leather Choker – $79
Moon Boots – $180
Vintage Apres Ski Boots – $73

Fio from Porco Rosso

I’m obsessed with this Marine Serre scarf covered in what look like navigator’s symbols (perfect for Fio), I think vintage, military surplus aviator accessories will be big in the near future, and the most practical pair of shoes possible is an absolute must:

Military Surplus Goggles – $49.95
Tanker Goggles – $18.45
Moon Scarf – $120 (Sale)
70s Wool Scarf – $40

Thanks! I’m gonna go drink a cheeky 7 PM coffee hahahaha. It is 90 degrees here now, but y’all stay warm out there! Humblebrag! Ok I’m going now.

<3 HR

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