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Heeeeellllo! For a much more professional-grade and editorially sound BFCM (that’s Black Friday through Cyber Monday, an acronym I will only admit here that I did not know until about 2 weeks ago) round-up of sales, mosey on over to Magasin, which I write for but where I am reined in by a brilliant Editor-in-Chief, as opposed to here, where I can commit such crimes as this sentence’s length and syntax with nary a slap on the wrist. Can I use nary like that? Who knows, who cares! THIS IS HR, BABY!!!!

Ok this is not gonna be that exciting. This is serious business. This is the most capitalistic week of the year and by god we must consume! Here is the initial and official 2022 HR guide to BFCM sales, divvied up into independent brands/creators you should follow up with this week, the infamous SSENSE sale, and a few other deals from brands that I didn’t qualify as tiny enough to warrant first billing, combed through and collated with a chronically cheeky credence. There will be more BFCM content later, as more deals crack through their brands’ shells.

Note: Items in this post will not be marked “sale,” as they usually are in HR posts, because they are all on sale and I’m cutting corners!

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Independent Brands/Creators

She Shell Studio

From 11/25 to 12/5, take 10% off this magical collection of button bags, phone slings, and more with the code JINGLEJANGLE. Below are my picks.

Chuck aka @goodstinks

DM the above Instagram account for $10 off (coming out to $20) what quickly became my favorite baseball cap (below) when I bought it from Chuck over the summer. If you’re in NYC, he might even hand-deliver it to you, if you’re lucky. I was. He’s also selling upcycled skull caps and maybe, if we all whine enough, he’ll start making Theranos hats.

Trust by Alphonso Lingis is a good book that I got on sale at a used book store, not in BFCM! Imagine that!

Noon Jewellery

Take 20% off this selection of incredible baubles with the code forevernoon from 11/23 to 11/28. Everything on the site is genius, but the Twin Pearl Stud (below), come on: “A baroque pearl meets its match in a perfectly round itty bitty cultured pearl. The sweetest pair!” WHY DID A PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MAKE ME EMOTIONAL? I also love the Big Bubble Ring a lot. I cannot for the life of me figure out my ring size.

Twin Pearl Stud – $180 CAD (~$134 USD)

Zoe Schlacter

I’ve been following Zoe and their textiles since, like, 2015, and now they follow me (hi!). Funny how life works. Anyway, take 20% off their trippy treats that include pillows, blankets, rugs, and more with SQUIGGLE20 from noon on 11/24 to midnight on 11/28. I am transfixed by the below “Aura Blanket.”

Aura Blanket – $198

Oyasumi Designs

Everything in the excellent anime merch shop featuring shows like Golden Boy and Slam Dunk is 25% off with BF25, but my heart obviously belongs to Maki Zen’in (and Mai…). Their prints are great quality and they have some sick enamel pins still in stock—if you know me, you know enamel pins are my world’s stupidest kryptonite.


This gender-indifferent jewelry brand is offering 20% off everything this week. I am in love with the necklace that’s literally just a bunch of staples in a chain, but everything is great on the site.

50 SSENSE Sale Picks Under $250

Let’s get down to it. Items marked with a happy face are things I own and have been satisfied with, so wholeheartedly recommend. Everything else, I’m going off a delicate balance of pragmatism and whimsy, apparent value for the price, and if I get that special tingly-compulsive feeling when I look at the picture. Sorted by ascending price as of 11/22/22 and not separated by “gender” or “category.” CATEGORIES ARE FAKE, A SHOE IS THE EXACT SAME THING AS A PURSE, YOU CAN TOTALLY USE IT TO CARRY YOUR MONEY. If you buy something from this section, I may get an affiliate commission, so it’s a real win-win for you and me, kid! Let’s go shopping.

Stine Goya Multicolor Vero Tights – $29
Jacquemus Pink ‘Les Chaussettes Aqua’ Socks – $33 🙂
Le Petit Trou Black Soline Briefs – $37
Brain Dead Blue Running Head Woven Belt – $39
Chopova Lowena Yellow & Red Long Checker Socks – $42 🙂
Asics Navy Match Sport Skort – $43
Gray “Dying Is Like Taking Off A Very Tight Shoe” T-Shirt – $46

Marland Backus SSENSE Exclusive Silver Bow Earrings – $69
Kiko Kostadinov Pink Spiral Trim Socks – $72
Salomon Black RX Slide 3.0 Sandals – $76 Smaller Sizes – $88

adidas Originals Navy Recycled Nylon Jacket – $98
Laura Lombardi Silver Ilaria Bracelet – $102
Gimaguas Green Piru Jeans – $105 🙂
Vivienne Westwood Silver Suzie Earrings – $107

Nu Swim Black Short Shell Dress – $116 🙂
MM6 Maison Margiela Silver Chain Drop Earring – $135
SHUTING QIU Blue Look 24 Plaid Tights – $136
Justine Clenquet Silver Jenna Necklace – $144
Baserange Yellow Brazo Blouse – $146
AMOMENTO Black Curved Trousers – $146
Andersson Bell Black Cotton T-Shirt – $151
A.P.C. Beige Manel Polo – $152
Miista SSENSE Exclusive Purple Theodore Bag – $154
Nodress Orange Faded Jeans – $157
Maison Kitsuné Off-White Olympia Le-Tan Cotton Trousers – $157
Simone Rocha Beige Embellished Socks – $168
Dion Lee Black Sleeve Loop Tank Top – $168
Shrimps Blue Bram Bonnet – $171
Nodress Yellow Polyester Tank Top – $174
Mondo Mondo Silver Tropicana Necklace – $185
Collina Strada SSENSE Exclusive Multicolor Rose Sylk Shirt – $186
Saks Potts Pink Susa Shorts – $194
Acne Studios Red Ballow Check Sneakers – $194
Maryam Nassir Zadeh Blue Yerba Shorts – $198
Marland Backus SSENSE Exclusive Silver Charm Necklace – $201
Chopova Lowena Silver Multi Charm Necklace – $201
Vaquera Black Rosette Bra – $204
Marland Backus SSENSE Exclusive Silver Chrome Charm Necklace – $205
TOVE Black Thea Blouse – $207
Laura Lombardi Silver Fiorella Neklace – $210
Grape Red & Pink Twisted Heels – $215
Axel Arigato SSENSE Exclusive Blue Marathon Dip-Dye Sneakers – $217
Henrik Vibskov Off-White Pile Jeans – $221
Maryam Nassir Zadeh Black Fringe Blouse – $222
Diotima Brown Web Camisole – $230
Howlin’ Blue & Green Shaggy Bear Chunky Stripes Sweater – $230
AMOMENTO Black Vibram Padded Slippers – $234
Molly Goddard Orange & Yellow Tyson Vest – $242
Chopova Lowena Black Metal Bloomer Shorts – $243

Other Deals

Foo and Foo is having an up-to-60%-off sale chockablock with stuff from their most recent few collections. The Psycho Fly Boxers that I have gotten at least two other people to buy, all three of us exceedingly happy with them, are more than 100 bucks off. Here are some other picks I don’t already own:

Multi-Loop Jeans – $117

Collina Strada is having a 30% off sale with the code holidaysale, and if I were to get anything it would be these cargo pants.

Lawn Cargo Pants – $425 (Before discount)

The Dusen Dusen sale is surprisingly good, now would be a great time to stock up on bath towels or revamp your bed linens or to become the kind of person who always uses TISSUE BOX HOLDERS. No naked tissue boxes in this household! Picks below.

Everybody Tissue Box Holder – $31.50

More to come! Drop hot tips on the HR Instagram and let me know what, if anything, you picked up (especially via my SSENSE links so I can give you a kiss, this is my first time using affiliate links and I’m excited about it! I’ll never post anything I wouldn’t already recommend).

❤ HR

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