How to Dress Inspired by FRUiTS Magazine

I’m feeling very terse today (not in a bad way, just thinking in objects that are not words), so I will mostly be writing in bullet points about how to take inspiration from the seminal 1997-2017 (RIP) Japanese style magazine, FRUiTS. Read till the end for some concepts for outfits featuring clothes that are (as of when I’m typing this) available for purchase and (always) available as inspiration.

I gleaned the mag images from the following three Instagram accounts: @fruitsmag, @fruits_magazine_archives, and @fruits_magazine.

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The 3 Cs

Three items that will quickly and efficiently FRUiTSify your look are cardigans, caps (preferably of the skull variety), and capris.


  • Plain navy cardigan over a shapeless, light-colored or patterned outfit (dress, trousers and billowy shirt
  • Throw an inexplicable apron in there
  • Try a sheer, printed cardigan over a tank top
  • Short-sleeved or sleeveless cardigan, why not


  • Square-shaped/double-peaked, a la Poche
  • Scarf (cap by technicality and convenience here) tied across the forehead and over the skull instead of above the hairline
  • Bonnets, always
  • Skullcaps, of course, but possibly a bit loosely-woven/made of mohair/slightly puffy? Dare I say… a SNOOD???


  • Under skirts
  • Juuuuuuuust below the knee
  • Socks or tights must be present and excellent
  • Hypebeast sneakers to keep the capris from getting too mod-cutesy
  • Sickening, Yellow Wallpaper patterns encouraged

Layered Limbs

What it says on the tin!


  • Puddling checked pants under knee-length, boxy, pleated, vertical-striped skirt from the opposite end of the color wheel. Patterns should be of differing tightnesses. Person in “MILK” shirt below is a deity
  • Black-and-any-saturated-color striped leggings/opaque tights under a plaid skirt vaaaaaguely in the same color family. Combat boots. Lindsay Weir jacket. An attitude
  • Striped capri leggings with high top hypebeast sneaks under a frilly skirt
  • A million skirts of different lengths in vaguely similar color stories piled on top of each other as much as humanly possible. Fanny pack and insouciant, tight graphic tee on top
  • Triple layer cake: capri pants or leggings and socks, both over a pair of tights. All three wildly different patterns


  • Floral puffer vest over tracksuit with stripes down the arms
  • Patterned vest with contrasting long-sleeve top and arm warmers/fingerless gloves with same pattern as vest but in different color. Match socks to either vest or arms for good measure

Nerdy and Nice

Dressing like a caricature of someone who plays a bullying victim in a 90s PSA is actually the most powerful and threatening sartorial decision you can make, IMO. Also, sorry for the bad pun title. Until someone sponsors this blog ( if that’s you ha ha ha), I’m going with my oft-misguided gut for way too many editorial decisions.

  • Suspenders! Overalls! In denim or not. Stripes are good
  • Crayon-hued hair
  • Bandana round the neck
  • Belt like an airplane seatbelt
  • NEON kicks (and everything else)
  • Patches (extra points for if you actually earned them in some morbid Scouting program)
  • Pants with two different-colored legs


  • Patterned bloomers peeking out from under a sailor-ish dress or skirt situation
  • Pom pom on top of head why not
  • Airy shawl tied in front as if to bind the arms to the torso
  • Colorful plaid maxi skirt + neutral, subtle tie-dye tank + argyle neck warmer (???) + what I think is actually a beanie but I am choosing to pretend is a furry headband + tiny plastic colored sunglasses = the most seasonally ambiguous, and incidentally coolest, fit ever
  • Outfit that’s all primary colors + green
  • Patterned sweats tucked into socks which are the same color-ish as the shies

Outfit Concepts




Ok! This will be continued in another post (once I get my hands on the above Instapump sneaks >:)).

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Abrazos x

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