Stressed, Depressed (literally), But Well Dressed (figuratively)

Depression and fashion do not tend to go hand in hand. Remember this Br*ndy M*lville banger?

The disproportionate outrage this tee fueled in me when I was a freshly diagnosed teen has been usurped by the resigned knowledge that if I ever see the original shirt in a thrift store, I am clinically obligated to purchase it.

Anyway, I wrote a whole really bleak text on the relationship I see between my personal experience of depression and fashion, featuring connections to Marx’s conception of alienated labor, Rei Kawakubo’s swaddling and bulging designs, and Alexander McQueen’s suicide, and then decided it was not something I wanted to post on the internet! Probably a great decision!

Instead, here are some recent garments I’ve come across from all over the world that compel the tiny something in me that remains when the rest of me is vacant against my will, either through their “light” (vulnerability, joy, earnestness, luminosity) or their “shadow” (grotesqueness, decay, aggression, ominousness). Both sides provoke healthy creative visions in me when I’m mired in muck, and some commonalities show throughout: bright red, horizontal stripes, butterflies. Jungian readers: what does this mean about me???

I hope you find joy and/or peace for a moment sometime soon. They say the worst symptom of depression is corny (but sincere) pleasantries…

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Insert Stripe Jumper – £204.17
70s Blouse – $44
Iris Tank – $295
Logal Removal Tee – $140
60s Sweater – $56
70s Crocheted Poncho – $52
Sailor Sweater – 3.700,00 kr
80s Blazer – $48
Vintage Swim Coat – $98
Spiral Trim Socks – $80
80s Flats – $58
90s Loafers – $120
Mykonos Cap – €170,00


60s Dress – $39
Hand Dyed Tights – $67.65
Vintage Wool Cardigan – $61.72
Vintage Sweater – $18.21 (Sale)
60s Shift Dress – $60
Germs Long Johns – $120
Stripe Mini Skirt – £120.00
Cargo Skirt – $13000 ARS
Moldy Garter – $90 (Sale)
Oxide Tights – $4,870.00 ARS
Princess Slipper – £446.00
Nido Bag – $14.500,00 ARS
Psyche’s Protection – $425
Pechera – $3500 ARS
Duck and Shadow Hat – £135.00

Thank you for being here. As a bonus to those who have read this far, here are a few photos from my life in Argentina (when I’m able to make it out of bed):

❤ HR

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