My Style Heroes: Round Björk

I’ve been going through another Björk phase lately after 7 years astray. This time around, I’ve been paying more attention to her biggest misses (can we please collectively pretend Volta and the line about the “suicide bomber made to look pregnant” was a fever dream?) but have been ever more impressed by her biggest hits (Vespertine has been a renewed revelation for me these past few weeks), including the fact that she basically has not stuttered, style-wise, since she emerged out of utero.

Below, style and outfit tips from the past 30 years of Björk’s illustrious sartorial career for you to ponder, enjoy, and/or apply while I go try to forget the fact that she’s billed lower than Travis Scott on the Argentine Primavera Sound billboards. Has anyone ever died at a Björk show? Just wondering…

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There is nothing cozier than Yung Björk in what appears to be a crocheted, hooded onesie. I couldn’t find a dupe (uhhh have one made?), but there are plenty of knit and crocheted separates to pair with hiking boots and layer insouciantly with whatever necklaces you happen to have lying around (hopefully they all have talismanic properties or mystic charms).

Knit Hoodie – $60
Crochet Hoodie – $63.80
Cardigan – $695
Knit Hoodie – £255.00
Crochet Trousers – $170.67+
Crochet Pants – $185
Crochet Trousers – $525
60s Crochet Set – $250
70s Set – $125
Hiking Boots – €450
Mountain Hiker – $75
90s Hiking Boots – $98

The simplest tip that B has abided by since her Sugarcubes days is that any dress, in any color, can do with some bright, solid-colored tights underneath. I think it’s so cool to brazenly pair red and green as if you are not already an elfin creature and top the ensemble off with incredibly unbrushed hair. This look is more punk than wearing all black, somehow.

For fall/winter: enough of the chintzy, nostalgic guilt coats. Swaddle yourself in a neutral-colored puffer coat with sculptural elements such as a cocoon shape, shawl collar, asymmetric construction, or what have you. You can literally wear skinny jeans and a neon muumuu?? under this and people will still be like yeah. They look great. This is fine.

Vest – $32000 ARS
Angel Puffer Jacket – £1,965.00
Down Jacket – $135
80s Shawl Coat – $65.60 (Sale)
Down Coat – $215.20 (Sale)
Structured Coat – $197.10 (Sale)
Quilted Puffer – $98

My current white whale is this pair of Reeboks Bjork seemed to wear literally every day of the 90s. If anyone can figure out how to get them to Argentina, let me know. I have never lusted after architectural, hypebeasty neon sneaks before, but when paired with a maxi skirt or big pants + tiny top combo, they work so ineffably well, especially with thermal oranges, reds, and pinks. The last look, with a neon sweater, lurex-y maxi, woven tote and look of utter determination is how I hope I look traversing the city at all times. I need to remember to stick my tongue out with intensity more.

Instapump Fury – $132 – $253
Instapump Fury – $103 – $139
Instapump Fury – $103 – $200
Air Huarache Low-Top – $170
Air Huarache Low-Top – $150
80s Sweatshirt – $38
90s Sweater – $33
The New Mariniere Top – £70.00
70s Lurex Skirt – $42
Vintage Sparkly Skirt – $42
Vintage Sparkly Skirt – $14 (Sale)
70s Macrame Purse – $25
Vintage Raffia Handbag – $40
Raffia Tote Bag – $115

I couldn’t find anything even close to duping this Viktor 7 Rolf number, but I think we should all just keep “layered collars” in mind, like a mantra.

Thanks, if you’ve read this far. Sorry my posts have been a little terse lately, I’ve been having quite a time adjusting to living in a new country, learning a new language, trying to find work, and dealing with having a body and all the joys that entails.

Please feel free to hit me up on Instagram with any wuestions, comments, or Björk trivia you may have skittering around in your brain.

❤ HR

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