Fall Outfit Concept: Steal From Children

Hi! Most kids dress better than I do, including Child Me! Today, I’m sharing some concepts to fall back on this fall (or spring, if you’re in the same hemisphere as I am at the moment), inspired by kids’ fits (mostly mine) (I feel weird about sharing pics of children on my blog but I feel ok about sharing pics of myself so). One unimpeachable outfit recipe, one color, and two items that will carry you safely through whatever transition you are entering at the moment.

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This Exact Outfit

Via @napkinapocalypse

Everything about this outfit (on a random child who was publicly shared on Instagram and passed on to me by similarly impressed fashion lovers) is perfect. The knee-high, cherry-red, patent boots. They should be rubber in case of spring or fall showers. Then, the confounding bottoms: ARE THOSE SHORTS?? A SKIRT? A SKORT????????? I could not find anything that seemed to match the perfection of these bottoms, but either long shorts or a short skirt, pleated and plaid (any colors), would do.

Then, it’s time to dig out the ol’ tie-dyes from summer 2020. You know the ones. You also, if you have been following this blog for a while now, know I won’t link any recs for a tie-dyed top, because I believe the magic of tie-dye lies in its hand-making. This would be even better, as above, if the tie-dyed tee/long sleeve/sweatshirt had an insouciant logo already printed on it that the tie-dye reclaims as part of an almost neutral pattern. I swear that you could pull off this combo with literally any colors as long as you have the red boots. I don’t know why this works, but don’t look a gift outfit in the mouth.

90s Shorts – $49.99
Vintage Shorts – $34
Vintage Skort – $22
Vintage Skort – $30
Mariposa Skirt – $129 (Sale)
90s Bermuda Shorts – $36
Miniskirt – $250 (Sale)
Vintage Shorts – $40 (Sale)
Knee High Rain Boots – $20
Hurricaine Wellie – $31.90
Monogram Boots – $80
Tall Rain Boots – $49.95
Rubber Rain Boots – $29.99
Rain Boots – $47.50 (Sale)
Rain Boots – $25


Purple was my favorite color as a child, but for some reason I have eschewed it almost completely in dressing since then. I think it’s time to return, abashed, into the always-welcoming arms of this secondary color. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s the color of the second half of 2022, as I mentioned a few posts ago. I am being really vague about the rationale behind this post, but that’s just because I’m going by instinct like a KID with this stuff.

Water shoes are back, much to the vindication of my Keen-wearing high school self. Gingham is cool too, especially on shoes, as seen above left. This baby was me, by the way! I guess I had multiple pairs of purple overalls. I like a rich, blueish purple or a greying, faded purple, not as big a fan of the more magenta-inflected variations.

Purple Fleece Pants – $62 (Sale)
Tattoo Socks ~ $5.83 ($820 ARS)
Overalls – $145 (Sale)
Saya Undies ~ $18.49 ($2600 ARS)
Purple Clogs – $38 (Sale)
Tights – $16
Water Shoes – $49.99
Water Shoes – $22.22 (Sale)
Vintage Romper – $48
80s Joggers – $49
Vintage Jeans – $68 (Sale)
80s Sweatshirt – $39
Vintage Dress ~ $113.81 ($16000 ARS)
Gingham Low Tops – $28

Striped Long Sleeve Shirt

Effortlessly cool, perfect companion to jeans (and again, GINGHAM SNEAKERS), looks great on monkey bars. Don’t get too precious or French with the cut or stripe pattern. This is sandbox shit.

Striped T-Shirt – $66 (Sale)
Striped Shirt ~ $29.87 ($4200 ARS)
Striped T-Shirt – $56 (Sale)
Striped T-Shirt – $163 (Sale)
90s Thermal Top – $28
Striped T-Shirt – $17.60 (Sale)
Vintage Striped T-Shirt – $40

Mary Jane Flats

Preferably in an unexpected color or pattern! I don’t have any pics on hand, but trust that I wore MJs for 90% of my prepubescence. My mom can corroborate if you don’t believe me, just send me an Instagram DM and I’ll connect you two.

Mary Janes ~ $96.04 ($13500 ARS)
Deadstock Vintage Mary Janes – $25
90s Mary Janes – $79.99
Vintage Mary Janes – $48
Blue Velvet Flats – $89
Mary Janes – $184

Thanks for making it to the end of this post! Here are some pics of me in the Argentine Mary Janes, Striped Shirt, and Saya Undies mentioned above.

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