Buenos Aires Fashion: First Impressions

As everyone is tired of hearing, I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina this week, and since moving have been exhausted, still in pain from my sardine can of a flight, and very confused as to what the Argentine fashion scene looks like. One reason it’s harder to unearth than in NYC or Berlin is that Argentina has been in severe economic crisis for basically the entire past century, so the fashion industry has not been as high-priority or culturally potent as it is in other countries. This is reflected in the fact that most clothing in Argentina is so incredibly cheap on the “Dolar Blue,” the unofficial exchange rate of USD to ARS (Argentine pesos), that I have had to triple check prices many times in disbelief.

In this first impression of Argentine fashion, I’ve done some deep diving into the cool CABA (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires) kids’ Instagrams and found a few boutiques, artisans, and vintage stores that I either have already liked or plan to check out soon and review more thoroughly. I’ve listed prices in their current USD approximation (not on the Dolar Blue, on the official exchange rate, so a little less cheap but the rate one would have to pay for international purchase) and in ARS, because I hope some Argentines find my blog and report to me on Instagram or via email (hr@humanrepeller.com) where the real cool places a Yankee couldn’t discover even in 12+ hours of fervent research are located. If you have any questions about why I’m here, or live in CABA and want to hang out, contact me via the above routes!

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Boutique Clothing

Unitivo – Bright, saturated colors that buzz together (their socks are the best deal, I got 3 pairs!)

Parallel Shirt ~ $26.18 ($3640 ARS) (Sale)

Justa Petra – Miu Miu-esque buckled flats and deliciously shiny bags

Flower Purse ~ $261.83 ($36400 ARS)
Penny Moccasin ~$158.25 ($22000 ARS) (Sale)
Susan Boot ~ $186.45 ($25920 ARS) (Sale)

Anushka Elliot – Breathtaking lacy dresses and cowboy-inspired clothes in great color palettes

Ara Dress ~ $226.59 ($31500 ARS) (Sale)
Morgan Vest ~ $80.56 ($11200 ARS) (Sale)

Protesta – Pants printed with sick collages in innovative color combos

Remote Pants ~ $54.67 ($7600 ARS)

Low Low – Jersey or mesh loungewear printed with sea flora and fauna (translate their clothing descriptions, they’re well worth reading). I am going to try to buy some stuff from them soon!

Medusa Shirt ~ $30.21 ($4200 ARS)
Second Skin Pants ~$57.55 ($8000 ARS)
Fanny Pack ~ $20.86 ($2900 ARS)

Canela – More masculine bags in various styles (the mini “Envel” bags are the coolest, but the fanny packs have the best colors)

Mini Bag ~ $17.98 ($2500 ARS)


Mas Amor Interior – Well-structured and romantic pieces in both basic cotton and tasteful florals! This is where I’ll get underwear when I inevitably run out of laundry one day

Cotton Pack ~ $35.89 ($4990 ARS)
Echinacea Thong ~$12.16 ($1690 ARS)

Très – Brightly-colored undergarments that I thiiink can be used as swimwear, unless I’m mistaken?

Agnes Bodysuit ~ $50.35 ($7000 ARS)

Vintage Shops

Tienda Lelouch – A super solid selection, I’m excited to check it out and see how it measures up quality-wise!

Editado – The highest-end resale store I’ve found based in AR thus far, with the highest prices but some excellent curation skills at play

Cropped Flowers Jacket ~ $37.40 ($5200 ARS)
Miu Miu Purse – Price on request

Rulos Vintage – I got a great deal on some accessories from Rulos and the person, Mariana, who met me to drop off the package was so lovely and kind! I look forward to ordering from them again. The below sandals are so reminiscent of Toga Pulla, for like 1/16 the price

Studded Sandals ~ $28.05 ($3900 ARS)
I bought this bag >:)

Planeta Vintage – Some wild shapes and patterns that truly made my brain feel good

Coat ~ $32.37 ($4500 ARS)

Hand Knits

Mushi Stitch – I love the knit sleeves and the single-armed sweater situations (and it seems like the creator loves manga so that’s a huge plus)

Manga Heaven ~ $27.34 ($3800 ARS)

Handmade by Mech – The color combos are impeccable, the quality looks amazing, and the designs aren’t tired or too trendy – I want the vest so badly!

Obsession Vest ~ $47.48 ($6600 ARS)
Ocean Bucket Hat ~ $25.18 ($3500 ARS)


Glaucus Blue – Anyone who makes Kurapika earrings gets a big stamp of approval from me

Chains Earrings ~$3.38 ($470 ARS)

Chainss – Extremely affordable, simple, but perfect jewelry (I thought the key necklace was the perfect size to copy Tony Leung in Happy Together, the quintessential Argentina film [I’m kind of joking])

Chain Rings Set ~ $3.96 ($550 ARS)
Mini Key Chain ~ $5.75 ($800 ARS)

Eren – More simple pieces that drape perfectly (from what I can see in the photos)

Beginner Choker ~ $4.32 ($600 ARS)
Law Necklace ~ $3.24 ($450 ARS) (Sale)

MQM – I’ve never seen tattoo gun earrings before and these look sick!

Tattoo Earrings ~ $6.47 ($900 ARS)

J.J. – My favorite jewelry store so far, the colors, shapes, and designs of these pieces make me so happy. I love their use of baroque pearls

Love Necklace ~ $50.35 ($7000 ARS)
The Way Necklace ~ $71.93 ($10000 ARS)

Muchas gracias por leer este blog, les mando mucho amor y inspiración desde Buenos Aires. Lo siento, apesto en español.

<3 HR

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