How To Dress Like a Studio Ghibli Character: Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke Edition

Today, with a sickening crunch, my brain excreted the idea that Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle and San from Princess Mononoke could both be inspiration for Indie Sleaze looks. These magical films have meant the world to me my entire life.

As a high schooler, I’d listen to Joe Hisaishi’s soundtracks for the films on my iPod every moment that I was not actually supposed to be listening in class, trying to pretend my life could be magical. And now, I’m desecrating the good name of Hayao Miyazaki by imagining Howl and San as 2008 club kids. Oh well, this is my blog and therefore my hell. Welcome, everyone!

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Howl’s Moving Castle

My favorite of Howl’s looks is the simple, white, elbow-length peasant blouse he pairs with black cigarette pants and pointyish boots, always wearing his signature teardrop jewelry, green on the ears and turquoise around the neck. This look is so easy to imitate with any slightly floofy or bachelor-looking white shirt, tight black pants, and boots (ballet flats would also work perfectly here), with simple, meaningful jewelry (hopefully cursed or blessed because that would be sick).

It is especially a slay (ew, I blame all of you for making me start to talk like this) with his blue-black, chin-length messy bob with bangs. Howl was the first character I ever saw on film where I was like… yeah… I wanna be a boy but like THAT, please!!! Sexiest wizard of all time, and you can too with the following bits and bobs.

Vintage Blouse – $52.55
White Cotton Shirt – $203 (Sale)
Off-White Blouse – $135 (Sale)
90s Peasant Blouse – $54.50
Peasant Blouse – $22
White Blouse – $435
Vintage Peasant Blouse – $68
Vintage Linen Shirt – $63.06
Pencil Pants – $98
90s Stirrup Jeans – $60
50s Style Cigarette Pants – $59.99
Vintage Cigarette Pants – $33
Chelsea Boots – $150 (Sale)
Apple Leather Boots – $194 (Sale)
Double Function Boots – $192 (Sale)
Ankle Boots – $208
Leather Boots – $50
Ballet Flats – $39
Black Flats – $90
Black Flats – $74.99
Jelly Earrings – $325
Bay Earrings – $71 (Sale)
Eloise – $60 (Sale)
Vintage Teardrop Necklace – $18
Topaz Pendant – $150

Now, just hear me out,

Swirl Drop Earring – $80 (Sale)
Single Chain Earrings ~ $176.24
Hoops ~ $162.14
Oyster Ear Clips – $344.26

Princess Mononoke

If San heard me say the words “Indie Sleaze,” she’d stab me instantly, and it would be the right thing to do. Tried to not accidentally go “tribal” or sketchily appropriative here, let me know if I’m canceled or not!

Her look reminded me of the two shows above, so I tried to go with a simple, straight-line silhouette featuring a navy dress or skirt (shorts would work great here too) and some kind of white or tan top affixed in an interesting way over it. A shaggy coat, of course, an UPPER ARM CUFF (this is insane, I know, so I want to be on record predicting it will be all over TikTok within the next 7 months), and slouchy boots, baby. This is such an insanely good clubbing look. You will meet the love of your life wearing it and they will be afraid of you. Also, this fit works even if a little bit of blood gets on it. So utilitarian.

White Gi Top – $30.98
Thea Blouse – $207 (Sale)
Antique Dickie Top – $56.25 (Sale)
Cotton Blouse – $215 (Sale)
Crepe Top – $84.08
Tank – $200
Crop Top – $175
Tank Tunic – $12.99 (Sale)
Tank Tunic – $9.99 (Sale)
60s Dress – $95
Linen Tunic – $46
Linen Dress – $54
90s Dress – $1,095
Asymmetric-Seam Sleeveless Dress – $395
Mariana Skirt – $300
Fur Coat – $599
Vintage Shag Jacket – $220
Vintage Coat – $51.55 (Sale)
80s Boots – $86
Slouchy Boot – $43.99
80s Boots – $40.99
90s Boots – $27.50
Jayne Boot – $59.99
Bleeding Hearts Necklace – $325
Shark Tooth Necklace – $38
Isa Necklace – $69 (Sale)
Arm Cuff – $37.83
Leather Arm Band – $19.99
Gold Arm Band – $25.01

Stay tuned for the next Ghibli movies I violate, Only Yesterday and either Porco Rosso or Whisper of the Heart (my personal special favorite). Let me know which one I should ruin on on HR’s Instagram, where if you liked this post you can show support by by sharing (tag me if on IG so I can see and thank you!), liking, saving, and commenting, if you really liked it by subbing to the HR Patreon for as little as two bucks a month (extra posts, personal styling, and more available on there!) or tipping me on Ko-fi.

I’m moving to Argentina today. Wish me luck.

<3 HR

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