Designer Off Duty #2: Anamaria Morris

Pieces sold at Sandy Liang via Anamaria aka @all___kinds

If you have an Instagram account, you’ve almost certainly seen the work of Anamaria Morris, an artist/sculptor/visionary who creates pieces in polymer clay that have been written up in Architectural Digest, sold at Sandy Liang’s storefront, and lauded across every corner of home decor social media niches.

Via @all___kinds

Anamaria’s work first blew up through Instagram’s appreciation for her detailed, fantastical, typically functional dessert pieces like the above cake clocks (she has also made cake slice candle holders, pie clocks, and many more hunger-inducing pieces). The reason I fell in love with Anamaria’s world was how she chooses to share her inspirations with her Instagram followers in such a way that you can track her thought process, shifts in her creative M.O., and even spot new interior design trends months before they are realized, all by following her sharp eye.

Some Instagram-based artists tend to be stingy with their inspirations, fearful of another maker swooping in to usurp their concepts before they can be realized, but months before Anamaria posted the cake clock that kindled thousands of obsessions, she posted this image:

Via @all___kinds

By using her Instagram as a creative journal/collage/mood board, Anamaria’s generosity allows others to glean from her rich bank of references, inciting chains of creativity that make her the most valuable kind of “influencer” possible: one who influences people to join her in the act of creation. This is how we met–one of Anamaria’s inspiration posts showed up on my feed and was the generative force behind my late summer/early fall moodboard that has since launched the Fall Film Fashion Follies series here on HR. I was so enchanted by how compelling Anamaria’s vision was to me that I decided I wanted to explore how she dresses on a quotidian basis as part of the Designer Off Duty series.

Via @all___kinds

I was not surprised to find that her dressing takes a similar tack to her artistry: attention to detail and an ineffable sheen permeate all four of the looks I’m sharing with you today. Anamaria’s outfits generally start with a simple base–a little black dress, a white blouse, a t-shirt–and focus attention on carefully chosen accessories with repeating motifs that make her entire wardrobe feel cohesive and easy to mix-and-match: bows, the color red, gingham, lace.

Below, I’ve broken down the accessorizing strategies for four looks Anamaria kindly shared with me, easily achievable at reasonable price points. There are some details that I wasn’t sure about from these photos, such as the material of the necklace in the first fit, but instead of asking exactly where she copped her accessories (though stay tuned for a few specifics she sent me after I wrote this post!), I found it a fun challenge to work with what I saw. The shapes, colors, and sheens of each accessory inspired the below recs, but I went beyond trying to replicate her looks and once again, Anamaria’s ingenuity led me down rabbit holes of creative thought that far transcended literal interpretation.

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The Coolest Aunt at the Ballet Recital

I immediately thought of Sandy Liang’s new “Recital Bows” (below) when I saw this look–the dancer-ly Mary Janes, the coat that could be a vintage peignoir or robe, the tiny pop of a bright red handbag–and though the necklace might be a beaded nameplate, its shape reminded me of a string of elegantly lumpen Baroque or Keshi pearls (edit: stay tuned till the end to see where her actual necklace came from!).

Recital Bows – $88
Velvet Bow – $12.60
Oversized Bow – $24
Baroque Pearl Necklace – $82.99
Keshi Pearl Strand – $32
Baroque Pearl Necklace – $35.82 (Sale)
Anything from the fast-to-sell-out Afternoon Apricot would work wonders here!
Ash-throated Flycatcher – $53
Lacto Necklace – $295 (Sale)
Vintage Top Handle Purse – $75
Shoulder Bag – $96 (Sale)
Vintage Leather Purse – $20
70s Sheer Duster – $92.37
50s Lace Overcoat – $40
Vintage Peignoir – $54
60s Lace Robe – $36.99
Pebble Toe Mary Janes – $360
Twiggy Mary Janes – $410

Picnic in the Garden

With this look, I zeroed in on what seems to be a COA gingham bag in the sold-out baguette style, though they have similar bags still for sale (below) and vintage comps are simple to come by. There seems to be a huge scrunchie on Anamaria’s other wrist, which could be cute in plain lace to match the lacy tights or even as a continuation of the focus on gingham. Lastly, depending on the formality desired in the look, anything from flowery Crocs to ankle-strapped clogs like Anamaria’s would be a perfect finishing touch. Though there are no bows in the above look, they would not be out of place in her wardrobe in general and I LOVE the bowed tights at two different price points below.

Reversible Mini Tote – $180
Gingham Shoulder Bag – $200
60s Gingham Purse – $32.08
70s Gingham Bag – $28.80 (Sale)
Queen White ~ $53.12
Wilder Red Seersucker ~ $41.31
White Lace Scrunchie – $11.65
Large Whiter Scrunchie – $20.40 (Sale)
Bow Tights– $13.59 (Sale)
Floral Tights – $13.59 (Sale)
Bow Tights – $19.06 (Sale)
Bow Tights – $50
Lace Fishnets – $7.19 (Sale)
Wedge Sandal – $69.99
Miso Embroidered Mules – $290
Daisy Clog – $33 (Sale)
Trippe – $119.95
Leather Clogs – $59.99
Floral Crocs – $54.99

Bleeding Heart

Literally any mostly-white blouse + any mostly-black miniskirt or shorts would work with a tiny purse that, to me, looked like a ruffly heart and nearly knee-high black boots with just the right amount of shapeliness. Slicked-back hair and any earrings your heart desires would finish the fit off perfectly (red lip optional but perfect).

Red Velvet Drawstring Bag – $850
Vintage Red Leather Satchel – $110 (Sale)
Red Ruffle Shoulder Bag – $183 (Sale)
canyon Boot – $798
Vintage Boots – $149.40 (Sale)
90s Boots – $169.20 (Sale)
Vintage Boots – $95
Knee High Boots – $65.70 (Sale)

Cinderella 2022

Any white dress or tee + midi skirt combo would be perfect to layer under a bespoke vest by my friend Bailey (who miiight make an appearance in this series sooner or later) and make into a fairytale with clear plastic heels or sandals and lacy socks. I can’t believe it took me writing this whole blog post to process how Cinderella this look is. Completely in character for Anamaria’s looks.

Vest by Bailey Goldberg, price upon request
Lace Socks – $15
Lace Socks – $12
Lace Socks – $4.99
Olympia Wedges – $444
Vintage Plastic Heels – $260
Clear Strap Heels – $59.97 (Sale)
Vintage Lucite Heels – $80
Vintage Clear Heels – $34.99 (Sale)
Vintage Wedges – $78
Lilah Clear – $69.95

After I wrote this post, Anamaria was kind enough to send over links to a few of the actual items she was wearing in these photos, made by artists she supports.

Her “A” necklace was made by Floating World, and now I unfortunately need about 17 items from them:

And I was right, that ruffled bag was a heart, by Camille Albertine! Now sold out, but I’m holding out hope.

Thank you so much, Anamaria, for gracing the web with your creations and inspirations that we can all, in turn, be inspired by. Everyone! Check her stuff out and let her know if her fits ignited something in you today.

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I hope your day is kind to you!

<3 HR

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