Depop Deals vs Deals With the Devil

Like many other clothes-obsessed, half-braindead, debt-riddled NEETS incapable of coming to terms with their own mortality, I spend quite a bit of time scrolling resale sites and apps, most notably Depop. I have found that there are two sides to this app: one innocent, amiable, a friend trying to get you a great deal on those pants that you would have bought anyways for a much higher price, basically unused and looking for a good home. The other side will have you considering whether you really need both of your kidneys while staring dry-eyed at a Yoshitomo Nara x Stella McCartney sweater and muttering “if not me, who? If not now, when?”

Here are some of my recent Depop finds (hopefully still available at the time you’re reading this, because that means I haven’t purchased them) divided into these two categories. Using my best judgement, and taking into consideration original vs selling price, apparent quality, rarity, and intrinsic coolness, I have decided what entails a “good deal” versus a “soul sale,” at multiple price points. Imagine me acting equally as the angel and the devil on your shoulders. And don’t forget to report back on Instagram if you cop anything on either side of the dichotomy, peep the HR Patreon if you want to hire me for embarrassingly cheap as a personal stylist who will find deals like these personalized to your size, budget, and wildest dreams, or throw me some cash here if you can’t afford a monthly payment but fuck with my vision and/or pity my slavish devotion to the material world.

Note: I’ve tried to be size-inclusive in this search, but most of the things that come across my feed are algorithmically attuned to my size, so there are a few more things in that zone than in others. I’m very sorry about that, and if you find something you are obsessed with that’s not in your size I’m more than happy to help you find an alternative/dupe, just shoot me a message here or on Instagram!


Yoshitomo Nara Tote Bag – $50
Vintage Ruched Top – $100
Cardigan – $29
Vintage Sweater – $25
Asymmetrical Cardigan – $180
Lace Shirt – $88
Garter T-shirt – $126 (Sale)
Floral Pants – $30
Basketball Shorts – $35
Vintage Skirt – $75
Antique Dress – $148.75 (Sale)
Vintage Prairie Dress – $45
Tabi Loafers – $450
Keen Boots – $39.99
Fake Miu Miu Ballet Shoes – $90
Lace-up Shoes – $220
White Clogs – $30
Fusion Sneakers – $160
Vintage Sandals – $25
Sneakers – $95
Loafers – $200

…With the Devil

Cropped Puffer Hoodie – $215
Bow Top – $458
Reversible (!!!) Tricot Blazer – $390
Graphic Sweater – $1500
Sweater – $275
Coin Purse Pocket Blazer – $400
Me Top – $250
Shredded Jeans – $300
Clous Pants – $1550
Pleated Shorts – $250
Scary Skirt – $415
Vintage Skirt – €650.00
Printed Pants – €500.00
Satin Skirt – $460
Bow Dress – $225
Vintage Parachute Dress – $500
Ballet Flats – $325
Flats – $560
Mesh Socks – $60

Let me know if you proudly or shamefully acquire any of the above on Instagram (I’ve given up on trying to convince people to make WordPress accounts haha) and please share with friends and enemies if you like this post. Peace and love.

<3 HR

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