Designer Off Duty #1: Ella Emhoff

Hi! I’m starting a new series (the mantra of this blog lol) that features clothing designers/creators but focuses on what they wear in their day-to-days while we’re all busy wearing their handiwork. A peek-behind-the-curtain vibe: what inspires and excites those who inspire and excite us?

One of our starters (sports anime has rotted my brain to the point that I am imagining the first five designers I have lined up as a speculative basketball team, and you know I think they would do pretty well in a street ball tournament) is Ella Emhoff, who I am imagining as the shooting guard of Team DOD. I will shut the fuck up about basketball now but you should all really watch Kuroko

Ella designs knitwear that focuses on invigorating color combos and simple but perfected silhouettes, most of which is sold out on her site. In her quotidian outfits (when she is not being styled for modeling gigs/fancy events) she is consistent in this appreciation for simplicity + dynamism, focusing on color contrasts that evoke very specific images and moods manifested in comfy, practical garments. Below, I’ll take a look at what makes a few of the fits she’s shared with Instagram work and how to RIP THEM OFF take inspiration from their ingenuity. ❤

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Nouveau Athleisure

The continuity of stripes (don’t have to be Adidas-brand, of course) in the long-sleeve and track shorts (I love a long-on-top, short-on-bottom pairing) is what unites two disparate color schemes. The disparity is what keeps things interesting – perfectly matching sets are losing their grip over the “athleisure” sphere. For maximum color impact, try pairing hues that are 1/3 of the color wheel away from each other instead of directly across/complimentary. Ella does this here with yellow + blue, purple + orange/green or red + blue would achieve a similar contrast that is a bit more complex than strictly complimentary colors.

Add texture with a fuzzy or knit bucket hat that references one of the non-dominant colors in your top or bottoms and finish it all off with a haphazardly chosen beaded necklace to add some mess to the otherwise clean-cut look. Wear with whatever sneakers or water/water-adjacent shoes like Keens or Dior Fusions.

Football Jersey (here or here) – $200 – $328
Track Jacket – $196 (Sale)
80s Jersey – $51.99
90s Suns Rugby – $40
70s Velour Polo – $65
80s Polo – $39
Vintage Running Shorts – $23
Striped Shorts – $39.99
Satin Soccer Shorts – $69.98
Wave Bucket Hat – $99
90s Mohair Bucket Hat – $60 (Sale)
Crochet Bucket Hat – $110 (Sale)
Navy Knit Bucket Hat – $230 (Sale)
Blood Pearl Necklace – $62 (Sale)
Jade Beaded Necklace – $175
Flying Saucer – $320

Ambiguously Student or Teacher in the New Gossip Girl

This look is an easy outfit recipe that can apply to any season fall through spring depending on what materials are chosen for each component: a graphic, color-forward sweater + a knee-length plaid skirt that brings a single color from the top down into it (get midi-length or maxi skirts altered to knee-length for this particular look) + gray jeans that scrunch one SINGLE time around the ankles (that single scrunch is important) + animal-print boots or clogs tucked under the scrunch. Any neutral (silver, gold, or pearl) accessories could be added: a watch, hair clips, or necklaces as Ella layered here. You can mix metals or whatever, no one cares! Except for me, and I say it’s ok!

Hana Sweater – $167
Daisy Knit Jumper – $175
80s Floral Cardigan – $36.64
Crewneck Sweater – $58
80s Floral Sweater – $28
50s Pleated Skirt – $54 (Sale)
Vintage Midi Skirt – $21 (Sale)
Plaid Skirt – $40
Plaid Kilt – $525 (Sale)
Low Pro Jeans – $79.50
511s – $69.50
Faded Jeans – $100
Vintage Jeans – $48 (Sale)
90s Half Boots – $50
Vintage Croc Boots – $139
Cow Clogs – $110.95
Vintage Cow Clogs – $91.16

I Can Be Your Angle or Yuor Devil

The last look is more abut shape than color: a white, lacy-collared dress or shirt stuffed into a black cut-out tank or tank leotard weird exercise thing called “Sexy Hot Fit Wife Gift Party” for maximum SEO. Or, hell, why not a “Sexy Men’s Non Binary Black Sheer Fishnet Croptop Shirt, See Through Transparent Mesh Tank Top, Gay Rave Festival, Cute Gay LGBTQ Top”? The point is a black overlayer with cut-out/s revealing the fancier white underneath. You can just cut a hole in a black tank top. Top with a black bomber (with patches! For fun! Ella is famously a F1 fan, so I felt like adding a car-related vintage jacket was appropriate here) and if it’s cold, add black pants. Finish with the chunkiest, most Daria lug sole boots you can still walk in (with silver embellishments perhaps) and a bag with a plastic cookie or something on it. Why not! You can even hot-glue a cheap faux cookie onto a bag you already have! Or just carry a normal bag, or just walk around with important shit falling out of your pockets all the time like I do! Anything goes in 2022! A furry toque or classic black ski mask would work with this too.

Riblet Tank – $125
Suave Cut-out Seamless Romper – Bandeau Sexy Hot Fit Wife Gift Party – $20 – $25
Sexy Men’s Non Binary Black Sheer Fishnet Croptop Shirt, See Through Transparent Mesh Tank Top, Gay Rave Festival, Cute Gay LGBTQ Top – $24.30 (Sale)
60s Peter Pan Dress – $98
80s Dress – $42
Cotton Jacket – $861 (Sale)
Peter Pan Collared Shirt – $26.99
Bomber Jacket – $150 (Sale)
Racing Jacket – $79.99 (Sale)
Skinny Jeans – $49.98 (Sale)
90s Deadstock Boots – $167.91 (Sale)
Ridged Sole Boots – $550
Chelsea Boots – $392 (Sale)
Cookie Bag – $475
Faux Cookies – $8

Thanks, Ella, for letting me pry into your innermost sartorial sanctum (I’m talking about her public Instagram but it’s still nice she said it was ok for me to look at it way too closely) and make an offensively bad collage of your looks. The offense is all on me, truly.

I hope everyone who is not Ella could garner some inspiration from this post and is now in the process of grabbing a glue gun and a fake cookie to attach to their New Yorker tote bag, and if you like this Designer Off Duty series, drop me a line here (I know it’s a bitch to log into WordPress, but it’s super extra appreciated if you do!) or on Instagram (also appreciated) and shout out your favorite designers who dress well and would not likely be creeped out by my prowling through their online presence.

❤ HR

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