This One’s For The “~Boys**~”

Ahoy! Goddamn it, Greta G*rwig really ruined that greeting for all of us, huh? Well, I typed it before I realized its decade-old connotation (yep, it’s been That long) so I’m sticking with it because for me, writing these posts is like hopping on a roller coaster with a loop-de-loop… Once you’re on, there quickly and abruptly comes a point at which you, quite literally, cannot get off. Laws of physics etc. Anyway.

I have noticed recently that many fine young masc-looking fellas have been following the HR Instagram and Patreon, some even sending me messages wondering if I would ever make a post that was more specifically focused on clotheshorses of their proclivities. I pride this blog on being an overtly non-binary space in both its ethos and its clothing suggestions, but as someone who grew up AFAB and has newly testosterone-fueled visions of looking like a beautiful Yaoi boy in a midi skirt, I maaay sometimes skew towards the flouncy and flirty side of fashion more than some of you bros can relate to.

I will say, I ALWAYS have at least a few distinctly masc pieces in each post, but because I love the Boys** (shoutout to my partner’s high school friends who subbed to the HR Patreon just to dap me up/impress their girlfriends, much ❤ and brownie points to y’all), here is a post dedicated to clothing on the more masc/menswear-labeled/bro-y side of things that still imparts sensitivity to aesthetics, a less rigid notion of what a Masc person “should” dress like, and plain ol’ good taste. Dudes/butches/mascs CAN and SHOULD shop in ANY-gendered literal or figurative aisles if they WANT to, but for this post I will mine the menswear and “gender-neutral” corners of the web to get y’all looking SWOLE and DAPPER or whatever the bros say when they explore each other’s bodies with infinite tenderness! Ok I’m putting the Yaoi down and getting to work now.

** “Boys” is anyone of any gender when they are craving a camp shirt and cargo shorts. Or are browsing r/ThrowingFits. Or saying the word “jawnz,” ironically or not. Or when they want to be Boys.


M.O.: Weird and fun patterns + cool constructions + perfectly faded and/or juicy colors + some sexy je ne sais quoi!

“Instant Photo” Short Sleeve – $98 (Sale)
Hemp Knit Sport Collar Shirt – $325
Striped Shirt – $180
Gradient Sports Knit – $170
Tank – $120
Pink Shirt – $70
Core Crewneck 3-Pack – $175
Sweatshirt – $125 (Sale)
Garment-Dyed Sweatshirt – $454
Lapped Long-Sleeve T-Shirt – $152 (Sale)


M.O.: Unexpected colors and details + daring cuts + freaky textures + boyish charm.

Canvas Work Pants – $195
Pieced Trousers – $189 (Sale)
Check Pants – $225 (Sale)
Corduroy Pants – $225 (Sale)
Japanese Denim Jeans – $267 (Sale)
Denim Trousers w/ 3D Weave – $110
Hickory Stripe Jeans – £150.00
Ripstop Jeans – £75.00 (Sale)
Lounge Pants – $165 (Sale)
Cargo Pants – $120
Patchwork Pants – $646 (Sale)


M.O.: Utility + elegance + levity + classic shapes.

Checkerboard Cardigan – $214 (Sale)
Orange Leather Jacket – $605 (Sale)
Fishing Jacket – $625
Tonal Cardigan – $200 (Sale)
Striped Sweater – $236 (Sale)
Forager Jacket – $412 (Sale)
Denim Jacket – $469 (Sale)
60s Style Chore Jacket – $66.50
Jacket – $338 (Sale)

Shoes + Accessories

M.O.: Grab-bag aesthetics, cheeky designs, fisherman sandals (a personal fixation) + jauntiness! What a word!

Square-Toe Loafers – $387 (Sale)
Tabi Sneakers – $285 (Sale)
Hand Dyed Vans – $159.99
Gel-MC Plus – $160
Yuketen Moc – $445
Juan Boots – $278 (Sale)
Vintage Sandals – $60
Vintage Sandals – $22
Fisherman Sandal – $59.80
2 Tone Crew Socks – $35
Carryall Tote – $340 (Sale)
Lifecycle Bandana – $45
Geo Tie – $146 (Sale)
Navy Cotton Cap – $71 (Sale)
Cord Cap – $26 (Sale)
Indigo Bucket Hat – $201
Deep Funk Hat – $45

I only suggested things I personally would wear in this post, so I hope it resonates with at least some of the Boys out there. Lemme know in the comments or at the HR Instagram or Patreon, where you can give me money and, like a politician, I might then pander to your demographic, but unlike a politician, I will be cool about it and create posts that (I hope) entertain people of any background!

❤ HR

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