Wishlist: Summer 2022

Yo! Here’s a list of clothes, accessories, and misc. items that I have not been able to get out of my brain for the past month or so. Please share your wishlists with me @humanrepeller on instagram or in the comments below, or become a patron of HR and get direct access to me, my styling services, and 2 whole bonus posts per month!

I’ve divided these up into $150 or less and above $150 so you don’t have to make yourself miserable looking at $900+ Miu Miu shoes if you don’t want to! I did, and I turned out juuuust fine. Really!

$150 or less

Cylenne Suspender Tank – $146

I have a few pairs of vintage Soviet stockings that I bought, for some bizarre reason, and they don’t stay up on my thighs. A traditional garter would work, but this tank could be worn as either a garter or just a plain top with the straps dangling over pants or a skirt.

Klaus Nomi Shirt – $120

I just freaking love Klaus Nomi so much and want merch paying my respects. This shirt is a little too much to swing for a tee, but if someone bought it for me I would be joyous.

Plaid Shirt – $150

What I TRULY want are the matching pants, which I passed up, assuming I could buy them secondhand, and have since been haunted by the absence of, for years. This shirt is nice, though! Perfect fall garb without looking too corny or festive.

Floral Cardigan – $45

I’ve been looking for a cardigan to wear backwards, buttoned up the back, for a specific look I have in mind, and this is a contender. I love the tones of blue and the floral pattern is the right amount of chintzy, not too precious.

Black Backless Tee – $80

I love a basic with an unexpected structural anomaly!

I have been wearing dangly hair clips hilariously often these past few months, but I might like these edgier options even more. I think the names are Buffy references, which makes me want them even more. I would get a pair of each.

Mood Hoops – $58

My friend Stephanie Libanati made these very Pisces-oriented takes on the simple hoop earring and I love them.

Socks – $28 (Sale)

I’ve recently purchased some shoes that demand cool socks, and the colors and design of these are… well, fire. Apparently this brand makes really durable and comfy socks to boot.

Tights – $67.34

This Etsy shop has so many dreamy, surreal tight designs in the perfect colorscapes. I want them all.

Raw Vault Mules – $137 (Sale)

I would probably wear these as house shoes to elevate my worn Crocs. Would be quite a step up.

Box Hog 3 Shoes – $80 (Sale)

I envision these with bloomers, my long white skirt, tucked-in jeans, tights or thigh-high socks… They feel like they have a ton of potential…

Moto Boots – $49.50 (Sale)

A classic, on an amazing sale cause they’re worn in, which might just make them better.

Bondi 7 – $119 (Sale)

I usually hate Hoka’s colorways, which is tragic as their shoes are the only ones that don’t wreak hell upon my feet, but I like these blues and the pop of orange.

Loafers – $99.90 (Sale)

I have wanted red loafers for a while and these seem to be the perfect shade, construction, and I waited long enough that now they’re on sale…. but this shop seems to have bad reviews so I’m scared to commit…

MUZ Vermouth – $29.96

I had this vermouth at our local wine bar and fell in love. It’s briny, spicy, and smooth. Absolutely delightful to drink.

Breakfast Gin – $57.99

I am so intrigued by the potential of an English Breakfast-flavored gin.

Cool Grease – $17.50 (Sale)

A hairstylist I respect recommended this and I’m wondering if it would allow me to style my curls in ways other than my defaults: “shove it all under a hat” or “just stick pins in it until it looks decent.”

Over $150

Core Hoodie 3 Pack – $195

These hoodies have incredible colors, look beautifully faded, and are not completely unaffordable if you split a pack with friends.

Blue Nylon Seam Pants – $300

I tried these pants on and, even though they’re way too long for me, fell desperately in love. They’re comfy, perfect for any season, and I just felt amazing in them.

Snap Shorts – $240

You can unsnap these and display your whole ass! Hell yeah!

Strata Suit – $168

Love the straps and the underboob. Don’t know what that would do for my dysphoria but ah well. This brand is one of the few actually gender inclusive brands I’ve seen, especially in swimwear, and for sure the sexiest.

I’ve wanted this set for so long, though I’d be ashamed to not dirty it as it is intended to be sullied. Maybe these would get me into gardening.

Lapis Lazuli Necklace – $155

Understated! Elegant! My B’nei Mitzvah portion talked about this stone excessively!

Twisted Shopper – $526.66 (Sale)

Looks sturdy and big enough to actually be useful while still being sleek and interesting.

Tote – $170

Red and black feels like a very current and invigorating color combo, and this bag looks big enough to actually fit my essentials (well, most of them).

Belted Ballerina Shoes – $920

In my fucking dreams!

Tabi Boots – $467.50 (Sale)

I’ve wanted Tabis for 7 years. When will my day come.

Western Boots – $199

These just rock my socks off. That’s all I got for you.

Did any of these list items pique your interest or get you salivating? Let me know here, or @humanrepeller on Instagram, and don’t forget that for $2/month or more you can get 2 bonus posts a month (as well as other benefits for higher tiers like making me your personal stylist bitch) at patreon.com/humanrepeller.

Be well, fuck America, tell your loved ones you love them at least twice a day, and have FUN with FASHION!

❤ HR

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2 thoughts on “Wishlist: Summer 2022

  1. Ah! Thank you! I love those kiko kostadinov trousers too and was so mad that the clog version of those coa shoes sold out…


  2. my wishlist is
    nu swimwear one piece
    fri3ndlynails set
    gennaro pepe glass necklace
    mommanithreads Cheetos tea towel
    Lisa says gah Alex tee
    agmes market tote
    kiko kostadinov ganges pleated trouser
    anddddd coming of age gingham slippers in black/yellow
    :):):):) love ur blog


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