Cheap, Easy Ways to Change Your Life (NOT CLICKBAIT)

I have a big post in the works, have for a few weeks, but in the meantime, I wanted to share these CHEAP EASY WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH ACCESSORIES NOT CLICKBAIT. Ok your life might not change but these are genuinely cheap (i.e. under 5 bucks, I got most of mine at the dollar store) accessories that are great for summer and will switch up your look with minimal drama and fuss resulting from exorbitant costs. I hope you glean something from this post, and, as always, hmu at @humanrepeller on Instagram or in the comments below to request posts, give feedback, or doxx me. <3

Detached Sleeves, Colored Bobby Pins, Interesting Shoelaces

Detached Sleeves: I got mine at the dollar store for less than a dollar fifty. They are plastic and plaid (I highly recommend at least the plaid factor) and look great either over long sleeves or under short sleeves. The plaid keeps you in Cool Gardener Grandparent zone and avoids Sexless Bank Teller zone (though if you are a sexless teller reading this, you are cool and I condone your look). The Renmei drafting sleeves below are the only luxurious iteration of this object I could find and I love them but also. A buck fifty at the dollar store. Hie thee thither.

Colored Bobby Pins: Another dollar store < $2 purchase, though these definitely show their worth in that they snag my hair with every adjustment, so maybe they are worth investing in? Anyway, they can be clumped together, spaced in pairs of 2 evenly across the hairline, crossed in Xes… Whatever you wanna do! just make sure there are a ton of ’em and that one color references or compliments somethign in your fit!

Interesting Shoelaces: Mine are… from the dollar store… for less than two dollars… Might be interesting to experiment with double laces, or the uhh 62 + ways of tying shoelaces, or flat vs cylindrical laces, or dying your own laces, or whatever. But I believe shoelaces are an underrated accessory. The ones below are a bright, royal blue, though you can’t tell from my shitty photo!

Other than that, I am wearing a Foo and Foo shirt and shorts, my partner’s Uniqlo short-sleeved button down, and floral socks from Etsy that are no longer available.

Drafting Sleeves
Gardening Sleeves
Colored Bobby Pins
Colored Bobby Pins
Reflective Shoelaces
Herringbone Shoelaces
Vintage Shoelaces

Pearl/Chain/Dangly Hair Accoutrements, Shoulder Bow

Pearl/Chain/Dangly Hair Accoutrements: I highly recommend the exact clips I’m wearing, by NY artist Elisa Muthig, who sells them via Instagram as of now (link below). Anything that dangles below the hairline is ideal. For absolutely no actual reason, I feel like Zelda Fitzgerald whenever I wear these. If she were a TikTokker. Oy.

Shoulder Bow: I have been ON THIS TIP since HIGH SCHOOL and saw Collina Strada doing it in their latest collection and felt a mixture of vindication and pain. Please do not spend more than $10 on this setup. Grab a slightly oversized T-shirt from a dollar or hardware store (or use one you already own) and tie one (or both??? go crazy, man) shoulder with some sort of fabric. I love bandanas for their versatility and robust nature, but you can cut an old T into strips or use a soft old ribbon or a silk scarf or what ev er (the refrain of this lackadaisical post, apparently).

I am wearing a stained, wrinkly dollar store T (not something I’m proud of), Depop “men’s” work pants I bought for $10 and cut and rolled into just-below-the-knee shorts, The Good Liver socks which I was scared wouldn’t be worth it but TOTALLY ARE, they have held up STUPENDOUSLY, and New Balance 574s I just got and have since noticed, like, everyone wearing. I put Dr. Scholl’s insoles in them, because I have pathetic arches.

Hair Clips
Pearl Pins
Chain Hair Clip
Beaded Cap
Bow Tee
Silk Bandanas
Linen Bandanas
Silk Scraps
Silk Ribbon
Silk Ribbon
Sylk Bow
Embroidered Bow
Cotton Bow

If anything in this post struck your fancy, let me know! If you passionately hated it, let me know! If you felt nothing… I don’t know what to tell you. Still like/subscribe/share please. I’m hoping the next post will be the Big Boy, but if not it’ll be the one after that. Stay tuned. I appreciate your attention.

<3 HR

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