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Today, I humbly offer you some outfits based on film characters’ looks that I think are straightforward, simple in conceit, and iconic. The Before trilogy’s Celine with her inimitably insouciant slip dress – T shirt combo, Cay from Desert Hearts in a monochrome, fringy fit punctuated by a belt as the only accessory, Candela of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown with an invigorating but completely cogent stripey set, and Faye in Chungking Express with the perfect 90’s summer fit. Especially as it gets hot as hell in much of the Northern hemisphere, these looks are great fallbacks that don’t require intensive layering or tons of bulky accessories.

Celine, Before Sunrise

Longish brown cotton slip dress + light, wide-necked T + oversized flannel shirt + tiny backpack + black low-tops = the perfect fit. Or maybe I’m just blinded by Julie Delpy’s beauty. Who could say. The wide scoop neck, the midi length of the slip, its particular shade of brown–every simple, elegant but effortless detail comes together and the gestalt outfit is pragmatic, sexy, and compelling. This fit is simple and timeless and would flatter literally anyone’s body. If this movie had taken place in 2022 she would have been wearing Salomons with this look.

Scoop-neck Tee
Raw-edge T-shirt
Modern Cami Midi Dress
Brown Cotton Flax Midi Dress
Vintage Flannel
80s Flannel
Flannel with Corduroy Collar
Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top
Mini Daypack

Don’t forget to carry around a vintage volume of edgy literature with which to intimidate greasy boys on the train into falling in love with you!

Story of the Eye

Cay, Desert Hearts

Monochrome-ish, preferably metallic, fringed and bedazzled shirt and pants set + red belt to match your true love’s fit = a look that could convince ANYone to experiment with *homosexual activities*. Sticking to only white and silver, making sure everything fits like a glove, and finding a simple but somehow powerful belt is all this outfit requires. You don’t have to do anything to your hair, because hopefully it’ll get rain-soaked while you kiss an angsty hottie by a lake.

Metallic Silver Shirt
Vintage Western Shirt
Vintage Fringe Blouse
Vintage Silver Jeans
70s Stirrup Pants
70s Lurex Pants
Vintage Belt
Vintage Belt

Shoutout to this FLAWLESS twisted-strap, thick fabric tank top that I simply could not find an adequate dupe for.

Candela, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Blue stripey top and skirt + white knee socks + pom-pom graced denim jacket + MOKA POT EARRINGS! MOKA POT EARRINGS are the key here. Candela rocks so hard in this fit that she fully steals someone’s fiance and they’re not even mad about it cause MOKA POT EARRINGS. The top and bottom don’t have to match perfectly as long as the stripes are about the same width and shades of blue that are either the same or close enough to be pleasantly discordant. The pom-poms… I could pass on them, though María Barranco wears them with dignity. I could see this with a leather jacket or a simple but glam peter-pan-collared coat depending on the season. You can use a bathing suit top with a similar shape to Candela’s shirt to get closer to her look. The bottoms don’t have to be a shirt, any blue striped bottom would work (bike shorts, leggings, trousers… I feel like this look would be best for people with short hair. Because of the Moka pot earrings. Candela forever <3

Moka Pot Earrings
80s Striped Blouse
90s Striped Shorts
80s Striped Shorts
Vintage 2-Piece Suit
Reworked 2-Piece Set
The Carolina Bikini
90s Pom pom Denim Jacket
Pom pom Denim Jacket
Knee-High Socks

Faye, Chungking Express

Yellow polo with the perfect fit for your body + a midi/maxi skirt with 0 flare, maybe a bubble skirt or even some very loose, fold-y pants in gray or brownish or light blue + little ovular sunglasses with white frames. Faye Wong looks good in anything, but the simple genius of this outfit with only 4 essential components is glorious to behold. The platonic ideal of a summer “faking errands for work in order to go secretly renovate your crush’s apartment” outfit.

Clover Slim Sunglasses
Biodegradable Acetate Sunglasses
Recycled Oval Sunglasses
Vintage Yellow Top
Moisture Wicking Top
Uniform Polo
Fisherman Polo
Bubble Hem Maxi Skirt
Vintage Bubble Hem Midi Skirt
90s Bubble Skirt
90’s Backpack

Lemme know here or @humanrepeller on Instagram if you try any of these fits, cop any of these items, or have other characters whose fits you want me to break down and recreate.

<3 HR

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