How to Dress Like Kim Kitsuragi

I wrote this post months ago, in the thick of my first wave of Disco Elysium hyperfixation (if you haven’t played it yet… imagine me saying the most compelling thing possible to you, personally, to get you to play it. You will not regret it). I originally intended to dissect the outfits of a few of the characters in the game before realizing I really only wanted to imagine myself dressing up as the inimitable Ltn. Kim Kitsuragi. In his thick, round glasses, iconic orange bomber jacket, cargo pants, gloves, and boots, Kim is the exemplar of what it could mean to dress in “uniform.” Utilitarian from head to toe, distinctive, simple, but compelling.

Because I cannot currently afford his uniform from the ZA/UM Atelier (and because it’s currently sold out… all bets are off next time they restock), I had fun seeking out a litany of options, most on the affordable side, of outfit components that could just as easily be incorporated into quotidian fits as they could be used for cosplay. Variations on this look are also straightforward and generative: swap the orange bomber for a different color, or a leather jacket, or trade the brown cargos for orange to go monochromatic, or swap out aviators for the round glasses, and so on, and so on. It’s the perfect baseline for a season-transitional look that will make any nerds you pass on the street (including myself) instantly swoon with recognition.

I wrote this post before I began using captions to link items, so I apologize for the variable formatting which will be consistent from now on. PLAY DE and message me on Instagram @humanrepeller to gush about it with me.


Black, aggressively round (or leniently ovular), stern but with a sense of levity. These glasses probably won’t “flatter” your face shape, but this is HR, not Seventeen Magazine, so who cares?



90’s Round Frames

Round Glasses

Oval Glasses


Motorcycle gloves are an underutilized accessory. The first two options are my favorites, though Kim’s are more modestly brown in the game, but I love the thin fabric and hole-punched details as well as the vibrant oranges.

Driving Gloves

Motorcycle Gloves

Leather Gloves

Cashmere-lined Gloves

Quilted Leather Gloves

Bomber Jacket

The main event! We’ve got options here ranging from reversible to corduroy. Slap it on over a white v-neck shirt you can find at a hardware or 99c store. You can add one of the patches below to really psych up the DE heads.


Vintage Flight Jacket

Vintage Bomber Jacket

Cotton MA-1 Bomber Jacket

80’s Reversible Bomber Jacket

Vintage Silk Bomber Jacket

80s Reversible Bomber Jacket

Vintage Corduroy Jacket

Vintage Collarless Jacket

Cargo Pants

Utility is of the utmost import here. But so is looking fresh. Get these hemmed right to the ankles if you, like me, are unreasonably short.

Surplus Uniform Pants

Military Trousers

Military Pants

Tactical Pants

Lightweight Tactical Pants

Crawford Pant

Accord Pants


You need boots that can keep up with a runner as prolific as your partner.

Steel Toed Boots

Lace-up Boots

Steel Toed Boots

Anacapa Mid Gore-Tex

If you also love this game, let me know. It changed my life in many ways and continues to influence me sartorially and emotionally to this day (I’m on my 7th run).

If all else fails, get a leather jacket, paint “Pissf*ggot” on the back in white, and lose Authority but gain a jawn that will bring everyone behind you in line at the supermarket to their knees in awe and wonder.

❤ HR

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