It Will Come

Yo! HR reporting from the end of a thread I am barely hanging onto! Everything is hell as always, so I’m gonna write about what to wear this spring! Very important, hard-hitting reportage being undertaken over here!

Also it’s my birthday today, March 9. It is currently snowing big, fat, wet flakes. Trying not to take the precipitation as an omen of tears to be shed in the coming year. For my birthday, all my Pisces self wants is for you to tell someone you love them today (and mean it). Also, subscribing, liking, and DMing me @humanrepeller on Instagram is always a gift.

Collar Fixation

Blue Nylon Combo Zip Shirt

The perfect baby blue! The full-frontal zipper! The nylon! But most importantly, a collar like two daggers, ready to incise themselves into the brains of everyone who peeps your look.

Vintage 60s Red Velour Dagger Collar

Sweatshirt alternative that will keep you looking sharp while being super cozy. This red is the absolute perfect cherry. Audrey Horne would tie you in a knot with her tongue if you wore this. Promise.

Midcentury Abercrombie and Fitch Belted Safari Jacket

Before A&F was for cliquey tweens and horny 30 year olds, it was totally Jane Goodall-core.

Boat Longsleeve

A gentle, alluring blue with the perfect amount of buttons leading your eyes up to the glory of the collar.

70s Terry Cloth Shirt

Wear this and be transformed into Eric Foreman’s booty call, wearing his shirt after the two of you had whatever kind of nerdy sex that guy had up his terry cloth sleeve.

Vintage Coat

Simple, stoic, sublime.

Vintage Pantsuit

Wear this if you want people to (rightfully) believe you’re the most adorable person on the goddamned planet.

Paisley?? Ok

Vintage 1960s Trippy Paisley Purple Shorts Romper

Spring demands rompers. The straight-ish neckline and boxy fit of this one gives sleekness to the chaos of the gem-toned paisley.

1960s Mod Space Age Metallic Silver Brocade Sleeveless Blouse

This makes paisley downright saucy and grand. Good collar too.

90’s Paisley Capris

A great alternative to khakis for work, especially for shorter people!

Vintage Pendleton Blouse

The dulled but rich colors and the almost mutton-choppy sleeves make this shirt special.

Wool Cardigan

Coziest looking item ever.

Vintage Paisley Sweater

Love the two giant paisleys (?) looking like twin fish wreaking havoc on an otherwise dour argyle sweater. Pisces mood!

Vintage Paisley Dress

This dress absolutely wails “Cape Cod in June” and begs for a soft-serve as its only accessory. Between all the wailing and begging, this dress sure is a piece of work.

Block Print Painter Pants

Kudos to streetnightlive, one of my favorite fashion newsletters, for finding these subtle but statement-making paisley pants. Would look even better with wear and tear.

Necessary Accessories

Knitted Bonnet Bucket Hat

This shape of bonnet puts the trendier, less voluminous ones to shame! Bring drama and sun protection to your S/S season.

Wide Brim Flat Top Hat

So beyond elegant and cool. Wear for gardening, beach days, dates in the park, plein air painting…

Seashell Cap

Fashion kippah! My yenta-core conspiracies are coming to fruition!

Quilted Day Bag

Huge and bountiful bag that wants to be filled with towels and snacks and flowers and illicit substances.

Pillow Bag

You can seriously use this bag as a pillow! God bless! The icy slate colorway is perfect, to me, and the shape is fascinating and will make your whole outfit look based (even if you plan to snooze on the bag later).

Arc Tote Bag

More of that glorious slate color, this time crocheted into a sling that looks like it belongs on a mycological walk or in a dusty desert cantina.

Gift Basket Bow Tights

Tights with shit on them! A bulky, impractical re-envisioning of a decidedly practical accessory. And it looks sick as hell.

Full Circle Ring

These look so good, especially in multiples, which I wish I could afford. I burn, I pine, I perish, etc.

Grab Bag

Star Blocks Cardigan

Serve Kurt Cobain Teaching Kindergarten in this cozy guy.

Vintage Botany Tee

I don’t know why, just love this. I wanna be on the Pistils.

70’s Blouse

Glory to these sleeves and the perfect blue, like a chambray balloon.

Tokio Natural Leather

These look like the platonic ideal of a spring shoe. I just tipsily ordered them as a birthday treat to myself and will report back if they rock or suck (I am very finicky about shoes, having a bad ankle, knees, and hips, so my feedback will be decisive and possibly damning).

Sample Service

From what I’ve smelled, I recommend the Pink Iris and Green Cedar scents. Let me know if any of the others are worth huffing.

Let me know what you liked, what you despised, and what you felt absolutely nothing about in this post! @humanrepeller on Instagram or in the comments here.


❤ HR

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3 thoughts on “It Will Come

  1. Sick, so excited to hear that you like them! Hoping against hope that they will be comfy enough for my messed up lower half


  2. Tokios are my go-tos! I have them in black and in white. Doesn’t take a Jil Sander or Dior collab to know that back strap is crucial.


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