Heartbreak Hell

You ever been heartbroken? Hah, me neither.


I’m a Pisces, I factor heartbreak into my biannual schedule.


Short little dispatch from Heartbreak Hotel today. Here are some clothes to wear to conceal, reveal, and deeply *feel* your poor little aortas’ pain. Maybe you’ll even catch the eye of a potential new heartbreaker in these numbers! One can only hope!


Star Blocks Cardigan

You look like a fucking kindergarten teacher! You look like fucking Kurt Cobain! You are doing amazing and these bright colors are distracting from the gargoyle-esque expression your face has solidified into!

‘Dwell’ Oilskin Pants

Put that crotch of yours behind a facsimile of a barbed wire fence, where it belongs.

1980s Black Button Cocktail Dress with Bow Sleeves

The little bows on the sleeves are very prim and don’t give away the funeral for your former crush that you may be planning in your head right now.

Let them feel like they know you. They know nothing.

What are you gonna hide in here? A scrap of Rilke poetry? A cyanide pill? Up to you!


Riblet Tank

For easy access in case anyone else wants to put a dagger to your <3.

You Said Tank

I wouldn’t ever wear this tank top except I would probably wear it now.

Ivory Silk Chiffon Ruffled Tie Blouse

Wear nothing under this.

To sew onto the butt of your jeans, over the heart of your overalls, or “on your sleeve.”

I got the sampler of these perfumes. Hysteria is a little much on the front end but fades beautifully. Doll is as bratty as it says on the tin. Both will make themselves clear.


I Will Always Love You T-Shirt

Couldn’t find any good vintage Dolly shirts, so you’ll have to wear this one until it yellows, shreds, and becomes a relic of your heartache. Sorry.

Cinched Tee

This will likely be my next shirt purchase. For when you’re feeling scrunched up inside and the world needs to know.

Dogtown Coveralls

You’re allowed to be Eartha Kitt-style Evil right now. Especially in a boiler suit.

Holder Ear Cuff

For whatever poison or drug you already feel whispering into your ear.

Eros and Psyche Studs

“Desire and Soul are connected through trials of trust. A lovely obstacle, a lusty tribulation.”

Yeah ok I’m sad now gonna crawl back into my grotto and write bad poetry. Commiserate or criticize (kindly or I might weep) at @humanrepeller on insta.

❤ HR

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communist fashion-loving sicko

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