My Style Heroes: Round 2

I continue to survive, somehow, and thus continue to be inspired and invigorated by other people’s wardrobes! Here are a few I invite you to obsess over with me. When I hear someone has copped a piece I post it fills me with enough joy to power me through another day, so please do if you do!

Nina Hagen

Though Nina Hagen made many fashion mistakes in her time in the spotlight, they were all when she clumsily appropriated cultural touchstones (dreads, bindis) and the rest of the time she was motherfucking UNTOUCHABLE. Skintight latex, leather jackets treated with no preciousness, tweed jackets because why not, a treasure trove of tights and gloves, jewelry that ranged from delicate to obscene, hair standing straight up or braided with colorful cloths… Nina would’ve always looked awesome even bare-faced but always pushed it over the edge with her sense of humor in the kabuki-punk makeup that cemented her look as iconic.

Pink Lobster Wig

Vintage Studded Psych Rock Leather Jacket

Studded Brando Black Leather Jacket

Vintage Motorcycle Jacket

Tweed Blazer

Vintage Tweed Blazer

Cinema Top

Embroidered Denim Corset

Jesus Jumper

Stayin’ Alive Top

Bronze Metallic Snake Embossed Bodysuit

Navy Latex Bodysuit

‘A.S.L?’ Tights and ‘Best M8s 4ever’ Tights

Multicolor Medusa Music Tights

Jersey Circles Gloves

Black Leather Buckle Boots

Alex Spike Chain

Chain-link Mesh Bib Choker with Spikes

Spiked Cuffs

Beaded Earrings

Faye Wong

Every TikTok fashionista owes their life to Faye Wong. Tiny glasses (especially the SQUARE ones above, almost impossible to find even slightly similar because I guess they only looked good on Faye Wong), turtleneck supremacy, layering slips over poofy pants, tight, structured shirts, sheerness always… she embodies and transcends the 90s zeitgeist that is slowly falling out of fashion after its resurgence in the late 2010s but her particular takes on it are timeless and should be studied like sacred texts.

Vintage Square Sunglasses

Rib Knit “Button” Down

Tank Top Shirt 

Shoobie Tee

Power Top

Purple Mohair Sweater

Slip Dress

Vintage Ombre Slip Dress

80s Dress

Leather Shearling Bomber Jacket

Reversible Shearling Leather Jacket

Ochre Sheer Organza Structural Jacket

Double Helix Trouser

Blue Plaid Baby Flare Pants

Black Leather Buckle Loafers 


Dana and I have been internet friends for years, I can’t quite remember how we inched into each others’ digital lives but it has been a joy to see their frequent fit pics and to glean inspiration from them. I finally met them IRL the other month and was especially taken by their jewelry, specifically a delicate hand-shaped charm they always wear around their neck. Dana’s style tends towards neutral colors and simple shapes without ever feeling soullessly “minimalist” or rigid–when they choose to use color, that just makes it more exciting and special, as in their red shawl above. Most of their clothes are vintage or thrifted and you can tell in their timelessness and seeming durability. Their simple, comfy, protagonist-searching-a-haunted-manor-at-midnight-with-a-candlestick looks and their person-you-fall-in-love-with-at-the-farmers’-market-then-never-see-again looks both hold up no matter what season and their innovative reuse of pieces in their wardrobe always inspires me to look for pieces I can rewear, mend, and rewear again. Sign up for their excellent tinyletter here!

Hand Necklace

Dumpling Hat

Tan Crush Bucket Hat

Onda Shirt

90s Linen Shirt

Organic Pants

1990s Ann Taylor 100% Linen Pants

Pleated Trouser

Vintage Linen Pull-on Pants

Vintage Cotton Dress

90s Linen Maxidress

Long Peacoat

Vintage Cape

Handmade Turkish Scarf

Vintage Woven Purse/Tote

Handwoven Bag with Leather Straps

Kristen Stewart

I promise I won’t start gushing, but Kristen Stewart’s structured, sexy, butchy businessperson style just makes me feel Some Type Of Way. I saw her on Hot Ones and immediately bought a lock necklace because it just looked that sick on her. Cropped, fitted, squared-off everything. One of my top five celebrity crushes and an evergreen source of style inspiration.

Cropped Architectural Blazer

Youryuu Bolero Shirt

Double Pocket Cropped Shirt

‘Le Haut Santon’ Shirt

Tommy Bra

Low Rise Suit Trousers

Nylon Shorts

Padlock Necklace

Padlock Necklace

Gimme new people with sartorial agendas I can hop on board with! Here or on instagram @humanrepeller. Be well if you can and stay alive if you can’t right now.

❤ HR

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