SAD Styling

I have been sleeping 13 hours a night, signifying the presence of the irrepressible SAD in my brain-space. I take prescription-strength vitamin D, sit in front of a UV lamp for hours, try not to isolate myself from my loved ones, and yet, from December through February my brain hosts gremlins whos M.O. is sluggishness, anhedonia, and casting the whole world in a sobering grayscale. Here are some garments that I think would help, whether through warmth, levity, or sheer exuberant color, to drag me out of this state. I’m feeling fleece berets, thick stockings, Celtic garb, piercingly bright blues and hypnotic greens with a shot of chili pepper red for much-needed energy, and vintage Soviet winterwear. PLEASE leave your SAD countermeasures in the comments below or on Instagram @humanrepeller. I hope you are catching rays of light whenever you can.


Vintage The North Face Colorblock Skiwear

The subtle variation of blues + safety yellow + pop of burgundy is such a delicious and invigorating color palette and I love the bulky chest pockets.

Vintage Nike Royal Blue Puffer Jacket

Perfect blue (any Satoshi Kon fans out there?) and perfect level of puffiness. This site is great for vintage snow apparel, expertly curated, at a decent price.

70s Puffer Vest

The platonic ideal of the color orange!

70s Puffer Jacket

I love this slithery, jade-toned green.

90s Anorak

The dull teal gives me Tumblr flashbacks, but the shots of red and the sick design on the chest snap me back to 2022.

Vintage Colorblock Jacket

The shades of blue and purple are perfectly selected here. I don’t love the green and orange trim, or colorblocking in general, but this jacket has so much potential.

Vintage Soviet Pullover

I love an iconic ionic column, and the red on this sweater evokes the last seconds of a sun drooping below the horizon.

Vintage Soviet Sweater

Would not recommend getting on a plane right now but WOULD recommend wearing one emblazoned on your chest.

Hysteric Glamour Alpaca Sweater

The eyeball-shivers-inducing blue! The sugar rush of patterns and colors! This looks like you gave Laura Ashley Adderall, which I guess is a classic Hysteric Glamour look.

30s Velvet Coat

So mysterious and withholding and glam and cozy. The collar is perfectly shaped. Pair with a fleece beret (below) and leather gloves, and you’ve got a whole outfit.

70s Pullover Sweater

Very, very Eric Foreman, which is definitely a positive assessment. Love the elbow detailing and the chunky buttons.

Dutch Army Snow Jacket

The shape of this jacket’s arms is inspiring, with its dramatically and pragmatically gathered cuffs. I’d be too scared to drink coffee while wearing this, but godspeed!

Vintage Soviet Coat

The wrist silhouette! The Jackie O-ass-neckline! This coat is so Adult without losing a sense of glamour and fun.


Wilderness Mini Skirt

Paired with the right thick and layered stockings, this could work for winter, and the clips on the belt loops are supposedly for hanging flasks, so you’ll stay warm somehow. This comes in many colors but I love this elementary green.

Vintage Soviet Long Underwear

When the sky defaults to a grimy white, bringing some cerulean into your look is very advisable. I wear long johns or fleece leggings under my clothes December through February, and am always on the lookout for vintage, as they are usually made very sturdily and with care.

Hunting Quilted Trousers

These trousers are fodder for dreams and nightmares (about ‘accidentally’ dropping a rack on a pair of trousers). The red is the perfect foil to the earthen brown and green, the patterning is impeccably inspired by vintage quilting techniques, and they fit like a dream. I burn, I pine, I perish, etc.

Wool Skirt With Suspenders

Though I would personally not style pretty much anything with the shoes in the product photos, this skirt is inspiring, with its v-waist, huge pockets, and SUSPENDERS. Suspenders are due for a cosmic return, screenshot this and show it to suspendered friends in 2024, telling them HR Knew.

Tartan Skirt

This is my favorite colorway out of many this handmade skirt is available in. Pair with one of the above puffer jackets for Gorp Audrey Horne fun.

Vintage Snow Pants

These will wake you (and everyone lucky enough to bask in your presence) right up.

80s Ski One-piece

I like the subtle cool tones and the curved detailing on the chest and sleeves.

Blue & White Star Puffer Trousers

These are a little too potentially Americana for me, but the color, fit, and built-in belt are magnificent.

Floral Print Trousers

Chopova Lowena does not fucking miss, and these pants with their curved stitching and perfectly chosen red and green are exemplary of that fact.

Suspender Dress

See the above effusiveness and multiply by the shape the “suspenders creates with the side-buckles. Genius level shit happening here. Wear with a cream fisherman’s sweater, a cream blazer, a lace turtleneck, or pretty much anything your brain can dredge up.


Fiddler Polar Fleece Beret

Sometimes floral patterns can feel cloying or too sweet, but this one gives Lithuanian Grandma more than Loli girl, mostly because of its fleece fabric and the looseness of the pattern.

Microsoft Fleece Beret

I wish this beret weren’t Microsoft branded, it’s almost unbearably tech bro, but the colors are great and the fleece looks utterly cozy.

Polar Fleece Berets

These are my two favorite colors of the many that this shop has to offer. What do they say? Blue is the warmest color … ?

Lake Deck Stream Portal Play Tights

These tights are on sale and my trigger finger is itching. The pattern is perfectly pastoral and surreal, while viewing from a distance blurs it into a totally wearable pattern.

Long Stockings

Green and blue plaid is a failsafe.

Vintage Soviet Stockings

Waffle-knit stockings are a fetish object to me.

Here’s to keeping the SAD at bay.

❤ HR

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