How to Dress Like a Character from Happy Together

This post is dedicated to my friend Max, who insisted upon me watching Wong Kar-Wai’s Happy Together even though I resisted for months because I knew it would make me feel very, very sad. We finally watched it and now I am sick and sad because I probably will be spending the holiday season mostly alone, but no one makes being abjectly lonely look sexier than Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung Chiu-wai, dancing together and apart across Argentina in thin t-shirts, corduroy, flannel, leather, and knitwear that made me pause the film several times to simply marvel at the fabric choices made by costume designer William Chang Suk-ping. Most of the more interesting/distinctive choices made are in tops, so I’m focusing on that. Mix and match with jeans, work pants, or corduroy pants, and you’ve got yourself an outfit that you can wear whether slow-dancing with a doomed paramour, crying into a tape recorder, or standing alone getting drenched by a waterfall.

If you will also be alone for the holidays, feel free to DM me on Instagram @humanrepeller or comment below with your ideas for a post and I will add them to my queue! Movie recommendations (especially happy films that will not leave me a withered, emotionally emaciated husk) also very much appreciated.

Pic of me right now with a mysterious illness (Covid test in process) sullenly making fried rice because that’s the only thing I can cook. Tragic!


This Mohair cardigan opened my eyes to everything a Mohair cardigan can be. The warm brown, the triple stripe just above the elbow… it’s a perfect garment and I can’t find a good dupe but here are some potential alternatives taking inspiration from its subdued tones, stripes, and luscious furriness.

V-neck Mohair Cardigan

Botanical Pattern Cardigan

Vintage Striped Cardigan

Vintage Mohair Cardigan

Vintage Turtleneck Sweater

Vintage Blue Crew-neck Sweater

Vintage Mohair Cardigan

Tony Leung wears an incredible geometric-patterned sweater to go get sticky rice cakes. You can find amazing vintage sweaters like this one all over the web, as you probably know, but here are a few to start your journey with. The yellow is a perfect example of the Wong Kar-wai color scheme I discussed in a previous post.

80’s Pullover

80’s Abstract Sweater

Vintage Sweater

Vintage Geometric Sweater

90’s Jumper

Iris Sweater

Vintage Heavyweight Sweater

The Corduroy Jacket

Throughout the film, Tony wears the apex of all jackets: a creamy corduroy, wide-waled number that is seemingly the only warm garment he owns. I now dream in pale corduroy.

Italian Corduroy Chore Coat

Vintage Corduroy Jacket

Corduroy Sherpa Jacket

Vintage Corduroy Button-up

Vintage Corduroy Button-up

Corduroy Jacket with Elbow Patches

Corduroy Jacket

Perfect Shirts

Be a Perfect Boyfriend like Tony in a red and white rugby-polo shirt as you give your ne’er do well lover a washcloth bath.

1990’s Heavyweight Rugby Shirt

80’s Polo

80’s Polo

Vintage Nautica Shirt

Thin, broken-in-looking, perfectly crew-necked, skintight tees in dusty tones or muted stripes are the default uniform for both dudes in this torrid romance, and if you don’t yet have any, you need some for emergency slow-dance sessions or suns to “buy cigarettes” at midnight.

Tee Shirt

Short Sleeve Casual Tee

Slim Washed Jersey Tee

70’s Striped Tee

70’s Zipper-back Shirt

Vintage Waffle-knit Tee

Vintage Ribbed Tee

90’s Tee

90’s Striped Tee

90’s Ribbed Stripe Tee


Plaid shirts and jackets keep the dudes warm as they stab knives into doors, smoke depressedly, and perform other fun rituals like these!

Vintage Wool Jacket

Flannel Shirt

Vintage Flannel Jacket

70’s Plaid Jacket

Navy & Tan Plaid Shirt Jacket

White Tank

The best way to go about capturing the look that is *the perfect white ribbed tank* is probably to go to your local hardware or 99c store and get a 3-pack for 5 bucks, but if you want something a little more wear-outside-your-room-able, here are some options for you. Racerback and high, narrow neck is the way to go:

Rib Tank

Ribbed Racer Tank

Ribbed Tank Top

Don’t Forget

A pair of tiny and simple silver hoops to remind the viewers that you are gay and extremely sexy!

Silver Hoops

I hope you and your loved ones have stayed safe and healthy this week, and if you’re not depressed enough by the state of the world, watch a Wong Kar-wai film to wet your eyeballs!

❤ HR

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