My Style Heroes: Round 1

It’s about timed I paid tribute to some of the fashion brains I often pick for inspiration, motivation, and recommendations for garments I suddenly direly need when I see them brilliantly contextualized by a sartorial wiz. Today, I’m looking at the styles of Sara Hiromi, Mordechai Rubinstein, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, and FKA Twigs, some of the most prominent people in the style quadrant of my brain.

Sara Hiromi

Sara Hiromi is a person I happened upon years ago on Instagram, first compelled by her genius haircut, which at some point entailed a complete shave up to the crown of her head and feet of luxurious hair flowing down the back. I have since been repeatedly inspired by her stylistic choices, which often include layering lace turtlenecks, socks, and tights under baggy casual-wear, mixing disparate patterns, braiding ribbons into her long mullet, and donning elaborately beaded chains she crafts herself around her neck and hips. She works with brands I love like Puppets and Puppets and Collina Strada and I am intensely envious of the clothes she gets to wear on a seemingly daily basis. The double-plaid pants on the far right are what I always think of when deciding whether or not to buy a garment: I passed that Gauntlett-Cheng number up a few years ago when it was available and, after seeing them several times on Hiromi looking fly, have felt a consumptive regret.

DIY Seed Bead Necklace

Multicolor Cardio Nova Lace Top

Mesh Rollneck

Brown & Black Jersey Knit Checkered Top

 ‘Le Short De Nîmes’ Shorts

Burnt Orange Plaid Mini Skirt

Plaid Pant Pant

Teal Plaid Patterned Tights

Patterned Melange Tights

Printed Mesh Leggings

Leopard Print Boots

Mordechai Rubinstein

I have written many times about Yenta-core, or my obsession with aestheticizing Jewishness, which Mordechai Rubinstein does with aplomb. He even inspired me to get over my fear of stains in service of the all-white/cream outfit, which delivers unimpeachable High Holiday drip. He also does the Dad-in-skirt look justice, understands the potential of exciting shoelaces, and features tons of young NY-ers on his instagram if he thinks their look is cool, which is a refreshing tribute to Gen Z’s influence on older generations’ style. He kind of dresses how I imagine Kurt Cobain would’ve if he’d gotten to middle age, which makes me both very happy and very sad.

My House Tee

Dawn Cotton Raglan Top

Vintage Cream Button Down Cable Knit Sweater Vest

Vintage Floral Skirt

Long Shorts


Red and Green Stripe Shoelaces

Lizzy Mercier Descloux

In my day-to-day style, Lizzy Mercier Descloux is the most attainable icon I return to again and again. Baggy trousers, pointy shoes, wild button-downs (what I’d pay for the sickle and hammer shirt…), ties (which I have yet to fearlessly conquer), and bedhead is a look that absolutely anyone can rock to work or to party or to do whatever fucked-up shit Descloux was doing with Patti Smith in the 70’s.

Striped Skinny Tie

Vintage Mid Century Atomic Age Brown Pattern Thin Skinny Tie image 1

Mid Century Atomic Tie

Vintage Button Down

Vintage Button Down

Blue Striped Short Sleeve Shirt

Wool-blend Jacket


Green High Rise Leather Pants

Tailored Pants

Devil Tail Dress Shoe

Pointy Toe Mules

Lonel Heeled Square Toe Mules With Chain

FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs’ street style might be better than her curated photoshoot looks, which is an incredible feat for a celebrity. Her use of layering, silhouettes, cutouts bound with knots or metal gear, corsets, and unexpected accessories like pillbox hats and quilted fanny packs is ingenious and always makes her look like a character in a fashion-oriented anime.

Mid Century Vintage Blue Velvet Pillbox Hat

Plaid Wool Underbust Corset

Otto Pleat Top

Black ‘La Chemise Mejean’ Shirt

Scoop Neck Unitard

Mir Skirt

Vintage Lace Skirt

Bernini Shoe

Quilted Fanny Pack

Who are your style heroes? How are you judging me on mine? I’d love to know in the comments or at @humanrepeller on the gram!

<3 HR

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