Never Let Me Down

I love writing about extravagant fits, dressing perversely, and $450 tulle-sleeved leotards, but my financial reality and the fact that I typically wake up at 7 AM, bleary and filled with unspeakable weltschmerz, means that my day-to-day outfits are usually underwhelming, if not downright flimsy. I pull on pants that won’t chafe my crotch while I stare at a computer for eight hours, as many layers as I can muster once the high temperatures are in the 40’s, a hat, always, and none of my outfit machinations would matter anyway because in the winter I cover it all with a loose-fitting parka before I trundle myself out into the world to begin the day’s reluctant attempt at humanity.

I end up repeatedly wearing the same few garments almost every day, as I value comfort and pragmatism above all else at this point in my sartorial life (read more about the value of comfort and utility in the article about Autistic fashion I wrote for the Thinking Guide to Autism). Here are some of those items, which, though simple and straightforward, I reach for because they make me feel a little less blah in my quotidian dressing.

A Hat Named Wanda

Many times, I have sung the praises of NYC designer Emily Dawn Long, but I’ve avoided writing about her tour de force because it’s so prolific it has felt superfluous to comment on it. However, it would be disingenuous for me to not include this hat in a post about garments I wear so often that if I were an anime character they’d probably be part of my unchanging uniform. The hat is expertly and tightly crocheted by Emily and Maria Dora in such a way that allows for it to strike a perfect balance between casual floppiness and compelling structural integrity, and it comes with a postcard showing a myriad of ways the hat can be molded and folded to change its look. Its brim capably blocks rays of sun and its material is somehow both cool enough for summer and warm enough for winter. The brown color is sold out right now, but the juniper and earth tones are equally compelling to the point that I’ve seriously considered adopting a second Wanda to grace my skull.

In The Mood For Love Tee

This tee shirt was a lucky win in one of And After That’s grab-bag sales, but anything you are lucky enough to score from them will be sturdily-built, printed flawlessly, and ineffably cool.

Heattech Turtleneck

An incredibly boring item, but a necessity from November to February! These fit perfectly against your skin to allow for comfortable layering without squeezing you meat-casing tightly.

Absolute Bagels Hat

The platonic ideal of a baseball cap: head basin not too deep or too shallow, brim curved just a bit, robust embroidery, representing a place near and dear to my heart. They are $10 and as far as I know you can only buy them in the store on about 108th and Broadway. They age beautifully, as demonstrated by the AB employees who wear them gorgeously as they slop infinite cream cheese onto infinite holey bread.

Vintage Sweater and Casual Pants

Once I read Brideshead Revisited and saw Anthony Andrews in the ’81 BBC adaptation in all his light-colored knit splendor, I became obsessed with finding the perfect white v-neck sweater, which I lucked out on on Depop. The neckline is key, it can’t be too wide or low or it will start looking like a Limited Too piece from 2007.

The casual pants are simply the easiest garment to wear that I own, the range of colors they’re offered in allows for hundreds of interpretations of the simple shape, the fabric is thick but lightweight, and they have pockets!

Work Pants

These sell out like crazy but next time they are released, I will be among the teeming masses vying to get my hands on a pair of these in white. My pairs in black and brown fit uncannily well (they even offer petite/tall sizing, so the length is not an egregious issue and I don’t have to get them tailored), break in beautifully, and are hardy enough for daily wear.

Jeans I Patched

I simply think these are fun, they are a cool and visible way to store a collection, and they are unbeatably unique. I found a vintage, mud-spackled patch depicting a princess smooching a frog saying “Kiss me baby, I’m a fairy prince” at Urb*n O*tfitters over a decade ago for 3 dollars, and then found a matching patch somewhere I can’t recall ten years later with the same princess, big-breastily exclaiming “I liked you better as a frog.” Now they are both on this pant leg. Magical stuff.

Chef Pants

I’ve sung the praises of these elastic-waisted, extremely durable pants before but never called out this colorway specifically, which makes me think of the way my Grandpa dresses to be “festive” for a big football game.

Floral Bow Face Mask

This exact mask is no longer for sale (I got it 70% off last winter) but a similar one is on sale at SSENSE. The huge bows work as a standalone accessory if you’re too lazy/cold/sick of everything to bother with jewelry, as I often am, and the bright colors look beautiful with complimentary or clashing patterns.

York Glasses

Ok, so obviously I have to wear these everywhere, but they’re the first glasses I’ve found that I feel like add to many looks rather than detract from them. They make me feel like Hyde and Jackie’s speculative child. I am not a rose gold person in my jewelry tastes, but I highly recommend trying it out if other colors look too harsh or cold on your skin tone.

Thanks for reading this short but heartfelt update, I’d love to know what garments never let YOU down so I can consider adding them to my rotation. Comment below or DM me on instagram @humanrepeller with your tips.

❤ HR

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