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Ok most of HR’s posts are list-heavy, but in honor of unhinged consumer szn we are going FULL LISTICLE today with 25ish suggestions for accessories under $100 as requested by Sophie Carlick on the @humanrepeller Instagram (if you follow, you too are eligible to dictate the terms of a future post! If I think you have a good idea, that is)!

This is an unordered melange of accessories, each costing under 10,000 cents, ranging from hair accessories to balaclava baseball cap chimeras. There are items as low as six or seven bucks! I hope you find something that compels you and if you do end up making a purchase for yourself or a friend, please let me know on IG or in the comments below.

Sun Barette

If I had more hair, I would pin it up in this creature that reads to me as equal parts joyful and knowing. There’s another colorway available right now in some sort of tortoiseshell, but I am drawn to this obviously carefully chosen shade of orangey red that would be a welcome burst of hue to anyone standing behind you in line at Dunkin’ before work.

Comb Gloves

More expertly chosen and combined colors! Will make a dingy black parka seem exciting again.

Vintage Patches

I highly recommend buying 30 patches and a $10 thrift store pair of jeans and going to town. I did it and was rewarded with one of the coolest garments I own (unfortunately, you need to sew them on because vintage iron-on backings are iffy at best.

Stone Cactus Twist Pin

This pin would be sick on a lapel or the back of a collar or on the upper sleeve of a sweatshirt or the hood of a hoodie… it would be cool most places. This site has several interesting pins, but I love the elongated dimensions of this one.

Buckle Overankle Socks

Luxurious socks are incredibly underrated accessories in my opinion. These are textured and look plush, like a faded velveteen couch, and the color is glorious.

Springtime Tapestry Mask

This mask feels like a visit to one of my favorite places, the Cloisters, with its beautifully cut tapestry cloth, the flawless pale green of the ribbons, and the ingenious deployment of aglets.

Carabiners Bandana

This site has back to back banger bandanas for less than $10 each. I own the knots one but this carabiners design is a delightful response to the classic and ubiquitous chain-pattern silk scarves that haute couture brands have been shilling since the beginning of time.

Gold and Silver Honey Earrings

I love the mixed metals and the barbell-esque shapes. This designer has dozens of pieces of jewelry available for less than 100 bucks and most of them are just as ingenious.

Hausu Enamel Pin

If you haven’t seen the film Hausu, you should finish reading this article, then go watch it, then buy this brilliantly-colored pin.

Black & White Bow Lace Tights

These tights look like they’re trying to restrain something delicately and elegantly, and I love clothes that imply restraint. These would look great with an oversized button-down and/or white over-the-knee shorts.

Wool Beanie

The colors of this beanie are energizing without being obnoxious and Brain Dead always has amazing quality fabrics so it’ll keep your skull warm till March.

Flower Mask

Collina Strada made me start loving masks last year and this one is their most epic yet. There are fucking BRAIDS OF HAIR on this baby!

Velvet Bow Earrings

Velvet is an underrated texture and its deployment in these spiky little bows is so intelligent and refreshing.

Calculator Watch

I already recommended this watch in my First Date Dressing post but it is less than 20 bucks, will never go out of style, you can write BOOBIES on it to impress a ten-year-old, the possibilities are expansive.

Patchwork Leather Gloves

These are on mega-sale through December 7th (along with their non-patchwork cousins I have recommended before and recently ordered for myself because of the sale). They look great, have touchscreen-compatible fingertips, and will match any coat or parka.

Square Toe Cutout Western Mules (8)

These are my dream house shoes, unfortunately not in my size, so I’ll stick to Crocs, but someone else should get them if only to dramatically kick them off before getting in bed. They’d look amazing with patterned socks and/or a long, bulky skirt.

Patchwork Socks

Albers himself would go crazy for these joints. Great color selection, solid construction, cool length!

Camo Balaclava

This subtle but sick yarn coloring is “camo” reclaimed–will actually help you hide from a feral deer in the woods without being military-core or incel-worrisome and the hand-knit shape with the ribbing on the neck is gorgeous!

Lattice Knit Glove

Another fun, buzzing pair of gloves! These look like a math notebook in a way that doesn’t make me want to puke but instead makes me want to try dividing something by i.

Silver Dagger Ring

*Joan Baez has entered the chat* If you really wanna go hard on this, pair with the dagger earrings from this post and then also just carry a real dagger in a scabbard at your side and don’t forget all men are false and will tell you wicked, lovin’ lies.

Plaid Check Patterned Cozy Oblong Scarf

The image quality is horrendous but the shop has good reviews and this is essentially a dupe of the Acne scarf that has been prolific this fall for less than 1/10 of the price.

Ultra Lightweight Balaclava

This garment lights a fire in my heart. I can’t quite explain why. I love it deeply and am thinking of buying it. Michelin man-core.

Perv Lapel Pin

Blatantness is fashionable!

Silver Lois Ring

I haven’t seen another ring like this, with the attached chain, and I think it looks so sick! A subtle detail that will impress anyone who tries to do a hand comparison with you, because I’ve noticed that we still do that even when we’ve been out of 5th grade for decades. Scientists, please explain?

As always, please like, share and subscribe if this post added anything to your life! Also check out the aforementioned @humanrepeller account on Instagram for behind-the-scenes tomfoolery and the opportunity to DM me a request for a future post. Thanks, Sophie, for reading and participating, and I hope you like this collection of thingamajigs!

<3 HR

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