How to Dress Like a Jujutsu Kaisen Character

Jujutsu Kaisen is my favorite franchise, bar none. If you haven’t watched/read it, please do. I have recommended it to dozens of people and of the many who have consumed either the anime or the manga I have only gotten glowing feedback. The character depth, lore that is dazzlingly full of depth but never unwieldy, power system of Jujutsu with its fascinating psychological and philosophical implications, and the gorgeous, compelling, art styles in both the animated and written versions of the story all recommend themselves within minutes of beginning to watch or read.

BUT we aren’t here for nerdy paroxysms, we are here for the clothing! Though many characters in JJK wear the same outfit throughout the series, and for many that is a school uniform, I believe there’s much sartorial inspiration to be gleaned from this series. Since the manga is much farther along in the story than the anime and has introduced new characters and new designs for old characters and I would never want to spoil the sheer joy of discovering the mind-bendingly brilliant storylines, I will first focus on the looks sported by the characters as they’ve been animated thus far and then will give a big ol’ spoiler alert before diving into the manga-inspired looks.

I’m going to approach this by focusing on specific characters with unimpeachable drip and explaining exactly what about their looks I love, with suggestions for copping their style along the way.


Itadori Yuuji

The main protagonist of JJK, Yuuji is one of the many characters who, at least in the anime, almost always wears a Jujutsu Tech uniform–a sleek, navy number that students are allowed to customize by request (though in Yuuji’s case, his swagged-up uniform was specially commissioned by his overstepping sensei). I love the idea of the uniform as a mode of dress and think you can’t do much better than a twill suit from IJJI which you are free to pair with a matching hoodie/shoe combo in any color you choose. I included some red options to stay true to Yuuji’s look that suggests the hellfire that takes up residence within him before the end of the first episode.

Ultra Soft Fleece Hoodie

Twill Work Jacket

Twill Work Pants

1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots

Red Leather Lace-up Boots

FLY London Red Leather Roji Biker Combat Boots


The bastion of human evil and abjection, Mahito, dresses like a Bushwick they/them with a penchant for SSENSE and a parent’s credit card. Take that how you will, but most importantly, take the strappy, shoulder-focused tops, white zippered boots, and patchwork pattern that while not technically part of his *outfit* is certainly part of his *look*!

Nylon Strappy Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Cotton Cut-Out T-Shirt

The Charlie Brown Pocket Tee

Black & Blue Patchwork Fatigue Trousers

Black Chain Stitch Patchwork Trousers

Weather Resistant Zip Bootie

Mei Mei

One of my least favorite JJK characters, the human embodiment of capitalist perfidy, has some good style moves (though I would not recommend copying her hairstyle, just for road safety’s sake). Froofy princess tops and dresses with slightly sinister, vampiric references, are made more utilitarian with the addition of slouchy trousers underneath (velvet, if possible) and knee-high riding boots.

Princess Shirt

Dress with Puff Sleeves

Black Monogram Fitted Dress

Hill Velvet Wide Leg Pants

Grayson Tall Boots

Kasumi Miwa

Miwa might be self-proclaimed as “useless,” but her simple, utilitarian style rocks. She makes a tie work, somehow. Maybe it’s the BLUE ASYMMETRICAL HAIRCUT keeping the staid suit weird. Yeah, that’s probably it. Hie thee hence and grab your scissors.

Blue Virgin Wool Chevron Cape Jacket

Ankle-Length Pants

Brown Musona Loafers

Nanami Kento

You must find the perfect suit, a cool, impeccable mixture of grey and tan. Then you must find a chest accessory into which you can imbue all of your power, to be activated when your boss makes you stay overtime (I LOVE the idea of a chest phone-holder as utilitarian talisman). Finally, you must finish off the look with a teeny-tiny or aggressively round pair of sunglasses (if you can find goggles or a pince-nez, more power to you). Then, and only then, might you be inducted into the grailed league of hot businessmen of which Nanami is the zenith.

Tiny Spectacle Sunglasses

P1 Sunglasses

Black & Grey Lightening Narrow Tie

Phone Holder Python

Farhill Herringbone Warm Gray Suit

Jacques Suit Blazer

The Easy Blazer


Okkotsu Yuuta

To cop everyone’s favorite depressed son’s style, find a white turtleneck with some weird construction or folding and pair with a pair of crumpled black pants with a tie at the hips. Simple as that.

Off-White Snap Button Turtleneck

Matti Jumper White

Score Knit Top White

Belly Button Trousers

Loose Jeans

White Lecce Belt

Hoshi Kirara

There is possibly no styling more iconic in JJK than that of nonbinary legend Kirara. Please take a page from their book and pair a classic spiked collar with a midriff-bearing off-the-shoulder peasant blouse (compressive top underneath for my transmasc brethren!), low-slung black flares, and a belt with a star motif.

Studded Spiked Leather Necklace Collar

Renaissance Blouse

Puckered Poplin Bralette

Black Compressive Cami Top

Bike tyre belt with Star Buckle

Silver Slider Star Belt Buckle with Canvas Web Belt

Black Ryder Trousers

Low rise utility flares in black

Maki Zen’in (post Shibuya Incident)

I can’t effuse enough about Maki. I loved her from the first episode she showed her rude, brilliant face in in the anime and I only love her more post Shibuya Incident, post heart-rending sibling trauma (I literally cry every time I think about this), and post brutal massacre of her clan. This is gonna be my Halloween costume (I convinced my sister to dress as Mai!) but her manga look is easily and affordably rockable any day of the damn week, from a fancy dinner to a beach on the edge of mortality to a bloodbath of weakling misogynists. The sleeveless black turtleneck is essential, the tight black pants are a wardrobe staple, the white belt is the cherry on top, and if you can finagle a cape situation you are officially on another level.

Sleeveless Essential Turtleneck

Leather Jacket

Black Dinner Cape Blazer

Casual Solid Belt

La Montagne ‘La Ceinture Carrée’ Belt

Pencil Pants

River Island Molly twill skinny pants

Thanks for reading! I am deeply passionate about this show and hope to write more about it in the future. If you have any other anime/manga that you would like me to style, please drop a line to and we can work something out.

<3 HR

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